Math 3150-4 Spring 2014, PDE

The Partial Differential Equations course meets Mon-Wed in WEB 1250

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Joseph Fourier and Gustav Dirichlet


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Maple, Matlab and Mathematica Tutorials

Sample Maple Code for 3150
The text directory contains copy-and-paste maple sources.
Click Here for directory access
Click Here for a guide to the text files
Maple Tutorials
  1. Maplesoft Quick Reference Cards Click Here
  2. Douglas Meade's Quick Reference Card for Maple 12 to 17 Click Here
  3. A rookie maple tutorial for the impatient from Indiana University Click Here
  4. Maple programming examples by topic from Kettering University Click Here
  5. Utah Maple tutorial 2014 in html format
    Used in LCB115 maple intro lectures.
    Click Here
  6. How to use maple 17 under unix, windows, OS/X (text)
  7. Maple graphics and low speed internet
    Maple at home
  8. Peter Stone's Maple Resource page for undergraduate math topics Click Here
Matlab Tutorials
  1. A one-page pdf Matlab cheat sheet from Strang's linear algebra course at MIT Click Here
  2. A matlab tutorial at MIT, contains basic information. No video camera, only code examples and text information. Link is HERE
  3. Mathworks matlab tutorials and documents are HERE. Register for the short tutorials, then try a few using your univ of Utah computer account. Matlab has a site license valid for all campus computers.
Mathematica Tutorials
  1. Printed or free PDF tutorials on special topics are available at Wolfram Research: HERE
  2. New users can start with John McLoone's YouTube video (2010) HERE
  3. A complete set of short tutorial videos are available at Wolfram Research, addressing special topics HERE
  4. Wolfram videos and screencasts cover a wide range of applications and interests. See Wolfram Broadcast Videos

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