University of Utah § Department of Mathematics
Expository Lectures by Andrejs Treibergs

Fluid Boundary Layer Velocities

USAC Lecture: ODE for Boundary Layer

Penrose tiling by thick and thin rhombs

USAC Lecture: Penrose Tiling

Polygon Illustrating Pick's Theorem

USAC Lecture: Area of Lattice Point Polygons

Picture of von Koch Curve illustrating self-similarity

USAC Lecture: Fractals, Self-Similarity and Hausdorff Dimension

Picture of Parallel Line Segments Illustrating Rey-Pastor-Santalo Theorem

USAC Lecture: Helly's Theorem with Applications in Combinatorial Geometry

Picture of Bottom half of Catenoid

USAC Lecture: Minimal Surfaces Nonparametric Theory

Picture of Curvilinear Triangle on a Surface

USAC Lecture: Geometry meets Analysis: Gauss Bonnet Theorem

Picture of Jensen's Inequality

USAC Lecture: Inequalities of Analysis

Deformation of Surface Patch

USAC Lecture: Mapping the Earth

Deformation of Surface Patch

USAC Lecture: Deforming Surfaces

Bricard Octahedron Flexing

USAC Lecture: Bending Polyhedra

Generalized Cone

USAC Lecture: Geometry of Bending

Pyramid from Face to Origin in Polyhedron

USAC Lecture: Constructing Polyhedra

Grim Reaper

USAC Lecture: Heat Equation & Curvature Flow

Elastic rings of equal length

Applied Mathematics Lecture: Elastic Rings and Nanotubes

Arc of circle is shorter of two curves of equal area

ERD Lecture on Calculus of Variations I: The Direct Method

Stereographic Projection onto the Two Sphere

ERD Lecture on Geometry of Surfaces I & II

Minkowski Linear Combination of Two Sets

USAC Lecture on Mixed Area and the Isoperimetric Inequality.

Counting eigenvalues of the flat torus

GSAC Lecture on Heraring the Shape of a Manifold.

Needle dropped onto floor with parallel cracks

REU Lecture on Integral Geometry & Geometric Probability

Convex hulls of sets of ideal points of the poincare disk

ERD Lecture on Intrinsic Geometry

Steiner Symmetrization and Applications

Steiner Symmetrization and Applications

The Stong Isoperimetric Inequality of Bonnesen

The Stong Isoperimetric Inequality of Bonnesen

The hyperbolic plane and its immersions into R3

The Hyperbolic Plane and its Immersions into R3

Inequalities that imply the isoperimetric inequality.

The Geometry of Perspective Drawing on the Computer

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