PCMI 12 -- Geometric Group Theory

Week 1 seminar schedule with abstracts.
Week 2 seminar schedule with abstracts.
Week 3 seminar schedule with abstracts.

Schedule of lectures and TA sessions

Lecture notes

Seminar slides

There will be 9 week-long minicourses aimed at graduate students, with one lecture a day, as follows. See abstracts.

Week 1:
    Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace: Structure of CAT(0) spaces and their isometry groups
                TA: Gasper Zadnik, notes
    Tsachik Gelander: Arithmetic Groups, Locally Symmetric Manifolds and some Asymptotic Invariants
                TA: Iddo Samet, notes
    Michael Kapovich: Quasi-isometric rigidity
                TA: Dustin Mayeda, notes

Week 2:
    Michah Sageev: CAT(0) cube complexes
                TA: Piotr Prytyczki, workbook 1, workbook 2, workbook 3, workbook 4, Pascal Rolli's notes
    Amie Wilkinson: Geometric rigidity and the geodesic flow in negative curvature
                TA: Alex Wright, notes
    Dave Morris:
Some arithmetic groups that do not act on the circle
                TA: Dave Morris, notes, slides 1, slides 2, slides 3, slides 4

Week 3:
    Mladen Bestvina: Topology and Geometry of Outer space
                TA: Brian Mann, notes
    Emmanuel Breuillard: Property T
, expanders and approximate groups
                TA: Emmanuel Breuillard, notes1notes2, notes3, notes4, exercises, exercises2
    Vincent Guirardel: Rotating families, Dehn fillings and small cancellation
                TA: Remi Coulon, notes

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