Weekly Mathematical Biology Seminar

Spring 2008 semester (usually) Wednesdays at 3:05pm, LCB 215

Date Speaker

January 11
LCB 225

German Enciso, Harvard University
Motion in the right direction: a model of direction selectivity in the retina (abstract)

January 14
LCB 225

Patrick Shipman, University of Maryland
Phyllotaxis: Cooperation and Competition between Mechanical and Biochemical Processes (abstract)

January 16

Joel Tabak, Florida State University
Fast potassium currents can stimulate calcium influx and hormone secretion in pituitary cells (abstract)

January 18
LCB 225

Justin Kao , Northwestern University
Resonant rupture of thin films and particle capture by freezing fronts (abstract)

January 23

Dr Keiichi Ueda, RIMS Kyoto University, Japan
Pulse dynamics in heterogeneous media (abstract)

January 25
LCB 225

Roy Wright, University of California, Davis
Mathematical Methods for Connecting Ecological Scales (abstract)

3:30 pm, Tuesday
January 29
LCB 219

Julia Arciero, University of Arizona
A theoretical model for metabolic regulation of blood flow (abstract)

February 1
LCB 225

Elizabeth Bouzarth, University of North Carolina
Modeling Biologically Inspired Fluid Flow Using Regularized Singularities and Spectral Deferred Corrections(abstract)

February 4
LCB 219

Angela Reynolds, University of Pittsburgh
Mathematical Models of Acute Inflammation (abstract)

3:30 pm, Monday
February 11
LCB 219

John Mayberry, USC
Stochastic Integrate-and-Fire Models: A Spectral Approach(abstract)

February 13

Kevin Lin, University of Arizona
Reliability of coupled oscillators (abstract)

February 15

Lingxing Yao, University of North Carolina

Tuesday, 3:05pm
February 19
LCB 219

Andrea Barreiro, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Bifurcation Theory for a Model of the Oculomotor Neural Integrator(abstract)

February 27

Recruting Weekend Organizational Meeting

March 5

CANCELLED Catherine Beauchemin, Ryerson University
Theoretical modelling of influenza viral infections (abstract)

March 12

C. G. Farmer, Biology, University of Utah
Can Mathematical Models Help Elucidate the History of the Vertebrate Lung?(abstract)

March 19

Spring Break, No talk today

March 26

Alisa Wolberg, UNC
Role of Surface-Driven Thrombin Generation on Fibrin Clot Structure and Stability (abstract)

April 4

Dan Gillespie, Gillespie Consultants
"The Slow-Scale Stochastic Simulation Algorithm" (abstract)

April 7
LCB 219 @ 3:30 pm

Dr. Joseph Stover, University of Arizona

April 9

Dr. Arthur Sherman, NIH
The Dual Oscillator Model for Calcium and Metabolism in Pancreatic Beta Cells (abstract)

2pm Friday, April 11
AEB 310

Dr. Connie Hall, Illinois Institute of Technology
Tissue factor bearing microparticles and biomaterial thrombogenicity (abstract)

April 16

Sharon Crook, Arizona State University
Modeling activity-dependent changes in dendritic spine structure (abstract)

April 23

Arjun Raj, MIT
Stochastic gene expression and cell fate--or, why are identical twins so identical? (abstract)

Wednesday, April 30
3:05 pm, LCB 323

Mark Zajac, U Conn
Depolymerization can drive Nematode Spermatozoon Crawling (abstract)

May 28

Siv Sivaloganathan, Waterloo
"Biomechanics of soft tissues and transcapillary filtration" (abstract)


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