Mathematical Biology Seminar

Spring Semester, 2003
Wednesdays at 3:05pm in LCB 323

  • January 29: Nicholas Swindale, University of British Columbia Abstract

  • February 5: Coleen Mitchell, Duke University, "Mathematical Properties of Coincidence Detection in Time-Windowed Neural Systems"

  • February 12: Peter Thomas, Salk Institute, San Diego, "Inside the Mind of the Amoeba: Simulation and Analysis of Biochemical Signal-Transduction Networks. " Abstract

  • February 19: Hongyun Wang, University of Santa Cruz "Mathematical description of molecular motors, numerical     solutions, and applications in extracting motor mechanism" Abstract

  • Feb. 26: Jack Cowan, University of Chicago, "Integrate-and-fire neural networks and forest fires" Abstract

  • March 5: Ray Kesner, University of Utah, "Behavioral analysis of computational models of the hippocampus" Abstract

  • March 12: Sid Baccam, LosAlamos National Laboratory, " Virus Evolution; Epidemics - from individuals to the population" Abstract

  • March 26: Stephen Coombes, Department of Mathematical Sciences , Loughborough University, "Modelling Thalamic Relay Networks" Abstract

  • April 16: Chi-Bin Chien, Neurobiology and Anatomy, University of Utah, "How the zebrafish's eye connects to its brain" Abstract

  • April 23: Bob Guy, Math Department, University of Utah, "Comparing closures for a multiple scale, continuum model of platelet aggregation." Abstract

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