Math Biology Seminar Abstracts

Wednesday March 26, 2003

Modelling Thalamic Relay Networks

Steve Coombes

Department of Mathematical Sciences, Loughborough University, UK

Abstract: The minimal integrate-and-fire-or-burst (IFB) neuron model reproduces the salient features of experimentally observed thalamocortical relay neuron response properties, including the temporal tuning of both tonic spiking (i.e., conventional action potentials) and post-inhibitory rebound bursting mediated by a low-threshold calcium current. I will talk about the observed stimulus dependence of burst versus tonic response of the periodically forced IFB neuron model using the language of Arnol'd tongues. I will also discuss a spatially structured network of IFB neurons, which may be interpreted as a model for excitatory thalamocortical neurons and inhibitory neurons in the thalamic reticular nucleus. A firing rate reduction of the spiking IFB system is used to elucidate the mechanisms for rhythm generation and wave propagation in such a network.

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