Mathematical Biology Seminar

Fall Semester, 1999
Wednesdays at 3:30 pm in INSCC 110 (sometimes in JWB 208)

  • September 8:(JWB 208 at 3:20pm) Dr. Bingtuan Li, Dept. of Math., University of Utah
    Analysis of Chemostat-Related Models with Distinct Remval Rates

  • September 15:(JWB 208 at 3:20pm) Dr. Steve Compton, Professor of Internal Medicine, Cardiology, University of Utah
    Math and the Heart: Curative Treatment of Arrhythmias

  • September 22: (JWB 208 at 3:20pm) Dr. Rolf Clackdoyle, Associate Professor of Radiology, University of Utah
    Tomographic imaging of the heart using a novel detector geometry.

  • September 29: Prof. J. Keener, Department of Mathematics
    Homogenization and Propagation Failure in Inhomogeneous Excitable Media

  • October 6: Dr.Sheldon Litwin, Professor of Medicine, University of Utah
    Dyssynchronous Ca2+ sparks in myocytes from infarcted hearts

  • October 13:(JWB 208 at 3:20pm) Dr. Michael Sanguinetti, Professor of Internal Medicine, University of Utah
    Biophysical consequences of mutations; potassium channel genes that cause an inherited cardiac arrhythmia

  • October 20: Dr. Lou Gross, University of Tennessee
    Multimodeling for Everglades Restoration

  • October 29:(Bioengineering Seminar - 2 pm in 501 BPRB)Dr. Pedro Mendes
    "Biochemistry by Numbers: Computer Simulation of the Behaviour of Biochemical Pathways"

  • November 3: Dr. Sergey Gavrilets
    Patterns of parapatric speciation

  • November 10:(JWB 208 at 3:20pm) Prof. Sandy Parkinson, Department of Biology, University of Utah
    Dissecting the Three-Protein Brain of E. coli

  • November 17: Joint Math Biology and Probability Seminar - 4:30 pm Dr. Rick Durrett, Cornell
    DNA Repeat Sequences

  • November 24: No seminar today

  • December 1: Dr. Sharon Crook, Montana State University
    Coupled Oscillator Models of Cortical Dynamics

  • December 8:(JWB 208 at 3:20pm)Dr. Mercedes Pascual, University of Maryland
    Determinism and spatial scale: aggregating individuals into densities in oscillatory systems.


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