Math Biology Seminar Abstracts

Wednesday March 12, 2003

" Virus Evolution; Epidemics - from individuals to the population"

Sid Baccam

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Abstract: This talk consists of two separate parts - virus evolution and epidemiology. In the first part, I will discuss the role of viral viration in virus persistence and disease pathogenesis. We focus on the evolution of a regulatory protein for a horse lentivirus and how it evolves over the course of infection. We use phylogenetic and non-hierarchical clustering methods to tease out the dynamics of the viral quasispecies over time. In the second part of the talk, I will describe a viral/immune model for influenza infection within individuals. This model is then used as part of a complex agent-based epidemiological simulation which allows us to test medical interventions in hopes of effectively managing the outbreak. Real-world data is analyzed, and its implication on the simulation will be discussed.

For more information contact J. Keener, 1-6089