Mathematical Biology Seminar

Fall Semester, 2002
Wednesdays at 3:05pm in LCB 323

  • August 28: Hongyun Wang, UC Santa Cruz, " Energy transduction of F1 ATPase and related issues"Abstract

  • September 4:

  • September 11:

  • September 18: Andrej Cherkaev, University of Utah, Optimal structures and the rationality of biological "designs" Abstract

  • September 25: Nancy Sundell, University of Utah," Dynamics of a Multi-Patch Herbivory System: Herbivore Enhancement, Adaptive Behavior and (Apparent) Trophic Cascades" Abstract

  • October 2:

  • October 9:

  • October 16: Tom Chou, UCLA, "An interacting spin flip model for one-dimensional proton conduction" Abstract

  • October 23:

  • October 30: Paul Bressloff, University of Utah, "The visual cortex as a crystal" Abstract

  • November 6: Don Feener, Biology Department, University of Utah, "Fear and Foraging: How Parasitoids Affect Ant Communities", Abstract

  • November 13: Yue-Xian Li, University of British Columbia, " A Minimal Network Model for Quadrupedal Locomotion Based on Symmetry and Stabili ty" Abstract

  • November 20: Fred Adler, University of Utah, "The Janzen-Connell Hypothesis: The role of space in maintaining diversity" Abstract

  • November 27:

  • December 4: Jean-Marc Lalouel, Human Genetics, University of Utah, "CONVERGENCE OF QUANTITATIVE GENETICS AND FUNCTIONAL GENOMICS: Significance for Medical and Pharmaceutical Research" Abstract

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