Mathematical Biology Seminar

Fall Semester, 2000
Wednesdays at 3:05pm in JWB 208

  • September 6:(JWB 208 at 3:05pm) Jim Keener, Mathematics, Utah
    Quorum sensing and the formation of biofilm

  • September 13:(JWB 208 at 3:05pm) Bingtuan Li, Mathematics, Utah
    Competition and Coexistence

  • September 27:(JWB 208 at 3:05pm) Eric Cytrynbaum, Mathematics, Utah
    Crossing the defibrillation boundary - the evolution of transition layers in Fitzhugh Nagumo

  • October 11:(JWB 208 at 3:05pm) Sri Nagarajan, Bioengineering, Utah
    Recent advances in the analysis of Biomagnetic signals

  • October 18:(JWB 208 at 3:05pm) Shy Shoham, Bioengineering, Utah
    Filtering stochastic spike trains for a brain-computer interface

  • October 25:(JWB 208 at 3:05pm) John Sperry, Biology, Utah
    Hydraulic constraints on plant form and function

  • November 1:(JWB 208 at 3:05pm) Vladimir Hlady, Bioengineering, Utah
    Biomaterial surfaces and protein adsorption

  • November 8:(JWB 208 at 3:05pm) David Goldenberg, Biology, Utah
    Protein Folding: Exploring Conformational Space

  • November 15: (JWB 208 at 3:05pm) Robin Snyder, Physics, UC Santa Barbara
    "Removing space" with effective interactions

  • November 29: (JWB 208 at 3:05pm) Neil Vickers, Biology, Utah
    Love is in the air: moth pheromones and flight

  • December 6: (JWB 208 at 3:05pm) Jerry Kaplan, Pathology, Utah
    Use of yeast to study human disorders of iron and copper metabolism


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