Weekly Mathematical Biology Seminar

Spring 2007 semester (usually) Wednesdays at 3:05pm, LCB 215

Date Speaker

January 10

First Day of Classes, No Seminar

January 17

Christopher del Negro, William and Mary College
Searching for inspiration: the neural origins of breathing in mammals (abstract)

January 24

Hannah Callender, Vanderbilt University
Purinergic Receptor Signaling in the RAW 264.7 Macrophage: Modeling Species-Specific Diacylglycerol Dynamics Following Receptor Activation by Uridine 5' Diphosphate

January 29
Joint Applied Math -Math Biology Seminar
4:20pm LCB 215

Pilhwa Lee, CIMS, NYU
"Immersed Boundary Method with Advection-Electrodiffusion" (abstract)

January 30
4:00 pm, LCB 215

Andrew Stein, University of Michigan
Mathematical Models for Glioma Invasion (abstract)

January 31
2:55 pm, LCB 219

Cecilia Behn, Harvard University
Networks, nullclines, and narcolepsy: investigating dynamics of mouse sleep-wake behavior (abstract)

February 1
3:00 pm, LCB 219

Peter Kim, Stanford University
Cancer vaccines for chronic myelogenous leukemia (abstract)

February 5
Joint Applied Math -Math Biology Seminar
4:20 pm LCB 215

Jian Du, Stony Brook
Numerical Study of MHD Effects on Free Surface Liquid Metal Jet with Low Magnetic Reynolds Numbers(abstract)

February 6
3:00 pm LCB 219

Judy Day, University of Pittsburgh
Modeling and Controlling Inflammation (abstract)

February 7

Amy Bauer, University of Michigan
A Cell-Based Model Exhibiting Branching and Anastomosis During Tumor-Induced Angiogenesis (abstract)

February 14

David Young

February 21

no talk today

February 28
12 noon, ASB 210

Cheryl Briggs University of California, Berkeley
Investigating the Population-Level Consequences of Chytridiomycosis, an Emerging Infectious Disease of Amphibians (abstract)

March 9
4:00 pm, LCB 219

Damon Toth, University of Washington
Dynamics of Age-Structured Populations in a Chemostat (abstract)

March 14


March 28

Mike Sanderson, Department of Physiology University of Massachusetts Medical School
Regulation of smooth muscle cell contraction of airways and blood vessels in the lung: Modeling explains the experiments. (abstract)

April 4

Manfred Milinski, Max-Planck-Institute for Limnology, Plon
Reputation and punishment in human public goods games (abstract)

April 13
3:00 pm, JWB 335

Jordi Bascompte, Estacion Biologica de Donana, Sevilla, Spain
Plant-animal mutualistic networks: the architecture of biodiversity(abstract)

April 18

Will Provine, Cornell University
Random Drift in Historical Perspective. (abstract)

April 24
3:00pm, LCB 225

Steve Benight, Portland State University
DNA Multiplex Hybridization: Theory and Sequence Dependence (abstract)

April 25

Guy Zimmerman, University of Utah
New tricks by an old cell: previously unanticipated activities of human platelets (abstract)


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