Mathematical Biology Faculty

Frederick R. Adler
Ph.D., Cornell University (1991)
Mathematical modeling of complex ecological systems

Alla Borisyuk
Ph.D., New York University, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (2002)
Computational Neuroscience

Paul C. Bressloff
Ph.D., Kings College, London University (1988)
Mathematical modeling and analysis of neural systems

Aaron L. Fogelson
Ph.D., New York University (1982)
Mathematical modeling of platelet aggregation and blood clotting

James P. Keener
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology (1972)
Mathematical modeling of cellular and systems physiology

Sean Lawley
Ph.D., Duke University (2014)
Analysis and application of stochastic processes to biological systems

Associated Applied Mathematics Faculty

Associated Life Science Faculty

A growing list of life science faculty members who interact with the Math Biology group. Students in our RTG Training Programs in Mathematical Biology do lab rotations and select a life science advisor from this list of people.

Alessandra Angelucci
Ophthalmology, anatomy of visual cortex

Susan Bock
Medicine/Bioengineering; blood clotting

Dave Bowling
Biology, Ecosystems ecology, carbon-water cycling; genetics

Markus Babst
Biology; protein trafficking

Dale Clayton
Biology; ecology

Ed Dudek
Neuroscience, epilepsy

Jim Ehleringer
Biology; ecology

Nels Elde
Pathogen-driven evolution, evolutionary cell biology

Brian Evavold
antigen recognition by T cells

Robert Fujinami
Neurology; autoimmunity

James Gagnon
Developmental Biology, Genetics, Genomics, Stem Cells

David Goldenberg
Biology; protein structure and folding

Vladimir Hlady
Bioengineering/Medicinal Chemistry; biopolymers

Julie Hollien
Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) stress

Kelly Hughes
Bacterial flagellum biogenesis, gene regulation of complex biological processes in bacteria

Erik Jorgensen
Biology; synaptic transmission

Steve Kern
Pharmaceutics/Anesthesiology; anesthetics, drug interactions

Tracy Lamb
Malaria, both in the field and the lab

Theodore G. Liou M.D.
Internal medicine, Pulmonary, survival in CF, microbial interactions, airway inflammation

Villu Maricq
Biology; receptor function, cell migration

Wayne Potts
Biology; host-parasite co-evolution

Rick Rabbitt
Bioengineering, auditory physiology and biophysics

Gary Rose
Biology; electrophysiology, electric fish

Jody Rosenblatt
cell extrusion in zebra fish epidermis

Matthew Samore
Epidemiology of hosptial-acquired infections

Jon Seger
Biology; ecology, evolutionary biology

Joshua Schmiffman
Cancer biology

Wes Sundquist
Biochemistry; plasmids, protein structure

Damon Toth
Mathematical Epidemiology.

Neil Vickers
Biology; physiology, pheromones