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2016-present, Assistant Professor,
University of Utah

2014-2016, Postdoc,
University of Utah

2014, PhD in Mathematics,
Duke University

Here's my CV.
You can reach me at lawley at math.utah.edu.


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25. SD Lawley. A sufficient condition for stability of stochastic hybrid systems. Submitted.

24. SD Lawley. Blowup from randomly switching between stable boundary conditions for the heat equation. Submitted.

In press:
23. Y Bakhtin, T Hurth, SD Lawley, JC Mattingly. Smooth invariant densities for random switching on the torus. Nonlinearity, in press (arXiv:1708.01390).

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Named to the journal's `Highlights of 2016' collection.

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Chosen by editors as 'Publisher's pick' featured article.

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