GSAC Colloquium

Spring 2021
Tuesdays, 4:35-5:35 PM, Online (Zoom)
MATH 6960-001

Date Description
26 January Graduate Career Coach for Science & Engineering | Francine Mahak
2 February Meet the AWM!
9 February What are we? DTR'ing in the Warlpiri people | Allechar Serrano López
Abstract: The Warlpiri people have a complex kin system that contains information about their social, political, and ritual organization and behavior. We will study the logic relations in this kin system and its properties as a mathematical object.
16 February Active Thermal Cloaking | Trent DeGiovanni
Abstract: We will give some general background on cloaking problems and the benefits & limitations of active cloaking. A general approach to active thermal cloaking using Green functions will be explained and illustrated with examples. The aim is to give a broad overview with physical motivation.
23 February Power Vs. Aerodynamics in Cycling | Keshav Patel
Abstract: Competitive cycling is undergoing a (gear) shift in sprinting form, spearheaded by the recent wins of Caleb Ewan using a "low sprint" position. At first glance, this form doesn't seem effective because the cyclist seems unable to generate as much power as the standard sprinting form. However, using experimental studies, fluid dynamics simulations, and simple energy equations, we will see how this technique results in significantly less drag, meaning much faster speeds with enough practice!
2 March Industry Jobs Panel | GSAC Professional Development committee and SIAM
Abstract: Panelists:
Ben Fogelson (Recursion)
Samantha Hill (BioFire)
Sarah Melancon (Sentry)
Todd Reeb (Galileo Financial Technologies)
Kiersten Utsey (Metrum Research Group)
9 March Can we color any map? | José Yáñez
Abstract: The answer to this question is yes! Just pick any color and start painting. Of course, if you impose some restrictions this problem becomes harder. This is the context for the four-color theorem, the first theorem to be proven using the help of a computer (a statement that discriminates strongly against the computer nature of calculators). In this presentation, I will talk about this theorem, explain where you need a computer to prove the theorem, and show the different limitations that the statement has.
18 March, 4:00 pm (Special day and time) Ila Varma | AWM-RTG Speaker
23 March Mini Talks
30 March TBD | Anıl Cengiz
8 April, 3:00 pm (Special day and time) Ryan Hynd | AWM Speaker
13 April TBD | Alex Beams
20 April TBD | Peter McDonald
27 April GSAC Elections