Computing facilities FAQ

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This document collects answers to frequently-asked questions (FAQ) about our computing facilities, but it won't help you at all with your calculus homework. For convenience and faster display, these questions and answers are broken up by subject into separate Web pages.

In some cases, for security reasons, a page may not be displayable outside the or domains. This means that your Web browser must be running on a system whose Internet hostname ends in one of those strings. Even if you are associated with the University of Utah, but connecting from an outside domain, such as local Internet service provider, or from a hotel, Internet café, or remote conference site, you will first need to make a terminal connection to a suitable campus computer, then run a Web browser there, or else use a campus proxy Web server.

In addition to this FAQ document, you may find the campus Office of Information Technology Services Web page useful.

  1. Accounts
  2. Batch jobs
  3. BibTeX      new-release-icon
  4. Color
  5. Compilers
  6. Dialup access
  7. Disk usage
  8. Editors (and word processors)
  9. Electronic mail
  10. Files
  11. Fonts
  12. FTP access
  13. Hardware available
  14. Login access
  15. Maple (symbolic algebra)
  16. Mathematica (symbolic algebra)
  17. Matlab and Octave (numerical linear algebra)
  18. Maxima (symbolic algebra)
  19. Movies
  20. Multiple-precision arithmetic
  21. MuPAD (symbolic algebra)
  22. PARI/GP (symbolic algebra)
  23. Printing
  24. Reduce (symbolic algebra)
  25. SAS (statistics)
  26. Software available
  27. Spell checking
  28. S-Plus and R (statistics)
  29. TeX and METAFONT
  30. Web access
  31. WINE (Wine Is Not a (CPU) Emulator)
  32. Wired network access
  33. Wireless network access