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Math Informed Self Placement

Look at a short list of sample problems from select courses to gauge an appropriate level for enrollment.  See which courses you're comfortable with and consult the flow chart of courses at the bottom of the "Encouraged Prerequisites" page below.  Meet with your advisor if you have any questions about which course is most appropriate for you or your major.

Sample Problems

Solutions to sample problems

For current or former Utah high school students, your last high school math course helps you determine what your first university math course should be.

Utah High School

Scan a list of recommended prerequisites to decide which course to enroll in.


Students should consult degree requirements when deciding which math course to enroll in and are encouraged to meet with their advisor if they have any questions about which course is best for their intended major.

Spend 4 days preparing for success. One-week math refresher workshops are offered the week prior to fall and spring semesters.

math refresher workshops


Copies of previous final exams from select courses and their solutions are below.  You can use them to check if you're comfortable with the material from each of the courses.

Math 980

Math 1010

Math 1050

Math 1060


Students who haven't taken a math class in a while may want to consider taking one of our math refresher workshops (link above) or in some cases retaking the last math class they took.

If you have a transfer math course and a U of U course equivalency doesn't show on your degree audit please submit the Transfer Course Evaluation Form.

Students graduating high school Spring 2017 or later with an ACT math score of at least 26 or an SAT math score of at least 640 will receive 3 credits and have the QA requirement waived.  This does not serve as a prerequisite for other math classes or fill math course requirements in any particular major. 

A score of 2 on either the Calculus AB or BC exam clears the QA requirement but does not award credit. If not cleared automatically, a student may see a mathematics advisor to have this requirement cleared.

Last Updated: 5/18/23