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The math department uses informed self-placement for entry level classes up through Calculus I.  This math placement website has information to help you make an informed decision about which math class you are prepared for. If you have any questions about which math class is right for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your academic advisor or our undergraduate math advisors


Math Enrollment Guide

Our Math Enrollment Video Playlist (five videos total) will provide you with information to determine which math course to take. 

In addition to watching our Enrollment Videos, this guide can help you determine what class to take next.


Refresher Boot Camps

One week refresher workshops offered prior to or at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters.

Has it been a while since you've taken a math class?

Do you have credit for a math class and need a review?

Coming back to school after a leave of absence?

Do you need a college algebra and trigonometry or calculus review before taking your next course?

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Math Placement Guide

If you have ACT/SAT/Accuplacer test scores this document can suggest what math course to start with depending on your area of study.

Math Placement Guide


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What class should I take?

Check our Math Placement Guide to see what courses are recommended based on your test scores.

The Accuplacer is a math placement exam that can help you determine which course to start with.  The first time you take the Accuplacer is free. Our Math Placement Guide can help you decide which math course to take based on an Accuplacer score.

There is a free study app that you can download from

  • Click on ”Information for Students”
  • Select “Practice Resources”
  • Select“Get the free Accuplacer practice app” 
    • Create a free account. We are using the “Next-Generation Practice Tests”. 

Schedule to take the Accuplacer:


Check the course equivalency for your AP or IB scores and be sure that they have been sent to Admissions.  Once the corresponding course is posted to your degree audit you will be able to register for the appropriate next math class.

  • the University of Utah.
    • Review the course expected prior knowledge and learning outcomes to see if you are prepared for the course you want to take.
  • another school in Utah.
  • another school outside of Utah.


How can I prepare to take a class I want?

The University of Utah has online lecture videos for the following math courses:

  • MATH 1010 - Intermediate Algebra
  • MATH 1030 - Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning
  • MATH 1050 - College Algebra
  • MATH 1060 - Trigonometry
  • MATH 1090 - Business Algebra
  • MATH 1210 - Calculus I
  • MATH 1220 - Calculus II
  • MATH 2210 - Calculus III


Math 15 (Algebra and Trigonometry Review)

This course reviews material from Math 1050/1060 or Math 1080 to help students be better prepared for calculus. The course includes a review of polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, systems of equations, and trigonometry.

  • Fall Semester
    • August 15-18, 2022
    • MTWTh 4-7pm in LCB 225
  • Spring Semester
    • January 3-6, 2023
    • Tu-Fr 4-7pm in LCB 225

Cost is $195 

Math 12 (Calculus I Review)

This course reviews the necessary techniques from Math 1210 required for success in Math 1220. Specifically, all the differentiation techniques from Math 1210 are reviewed together with basic integrals and integrals by substitution.

  • Fall Semester
    • August 15-18, 2022
    • M-Th 4-6pm, LCB 215
  • Spring Semester
    • January 3-6, 2023
    • Tu-Fr 4-6pm, LCB 215

Cost is $105

Math 14 (Calculus II Review)

This course reviews the necessary techniques from Math 1220 required for success in Math 2210. Specifically, transcendental functions are covered, along with integration by parts, trigonometric substitution, and partial fractions methods.

  • Fall Semester
    • August 19, 2022
    • Fr 1-4 pm, LCB 219
  • Spring Semester
    • January 6, 2023
    • Fr 12-3pm, LCB 219

Cost is $60

Math 13 (Bridge to Engineering Calculus)

This course is intended for students who have completed Math 1210 that want to enroll in Math 1320. The course covers gap-material required for entry into Math 1320 but not covered in Math 1210. The course reviews the calculus of logarithms and exponentials, parametric functions, linear approximations, inverse trigonometrics, l'Hopitals rule, integration-by-parts, partial fractions, and trigonometric integrals.

Note: This workshop meets during the first week of class.

  • Fall Semester
    • August 22-25, 2022
    • M-Th 6-8pm, JWB 333
  • Spring semester
    • January 9-12, 2023
    • M-Th 6-8pm, JWB 333

Cost is $105

How to Register for a Bootcamp?

The bootcamp workshops are non-credit. Before registering for a bootcamp you must add a non-credit class to your student record.

  • Login to CIS
  • Select "Student Homepage"
  • Select "Academic Records"
  • Select "Add Non-Credit Career"
  • Select "Student Homepage" again
  • Select "Registration"
  • Select "Add Class"


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