Weekly Mathematical Biology Seminar

Spring 2006 semester (usually) Wednesdays at 3:05pm, LCB 215

Date Speaker

January 11

Paul Atzberger, RPI

A Stochastic Immersed Boundary Method Incorporating Thermal Fluctuations : Toward Modeling Cellular Micromechanics (abstract)

January 18

Party -- free for all

January 24

Yoichiro Mori, Courant Institute
A Three-Dimensional Model of Cellular Electrical Activity (abstract)

3:00 p.m., Monday
February 6

Rolf Ryham
Penn State
"Analysis of a Nonlocal, Semilinear Equation from Electrokinetics"

3:30 p.m., Tuesday
February 7

Stanca Ciupe
Santa Fe Institute
"Models of Hepatitis B acute infection"

February 8

Wei Wu, University of Chicago
Bayesian Population Decoding of Motor Cortical Activity and its Applications in Neural Prostheses

3:00 p.m., Friday
February 10

David George
University of Washington
"Finite volume methods and adaptive refinement for global tsunami propagation and local inundation"

February 15

Peter Adler, Department of Forest, Range, and Wildlife Sciences, Utah State University
"Does climate variability stabilize plant species coexistence? A test of current theory with really old data" (abstract)

February 22

Tatsuo Shibata, Department of Mathematical and Life Science, Hiroshima University
"Stochastic signal processing in chemotactic response of eukaryotic cells" (abstract)

March 1

Markus Babst, Department of Biology, University of Utah
"Regulation of the AAA-type ATPase Vps4" (abstract)

March 8

Steve Peck, Brigham Young University

March 15

No seminar -- Spring Break!

March 22

John Dold, Applied Mathematics, University of Manchester
"bushfires and some models of bushfires"

March 29

Alex Kacelnik, Department of Zoology, Oxford University
"Biological Optimality and Economic Rationality in Animal Decision-Making" (abstract)

3:00 p.m., Monday
April 3
LCB 121

Shawn Means, Sandia National Laboratories
"Near or far: influential ion channel neighbors on the endoplasmic reticulum" (abstract)

3:30 p.m., Tuesday
April 4
Room 215

Egbert Leigh, Smithsonian Institute for Tropical Research
"The role of mathematics in tropical forest ecology"

April 5

Scott Diamond, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Pennsylvania
"Stochastic Processes in Blood Biology: A test case in Systems Biology" (abstract)

April 12

Mark Yandell, Department of Human Genetics, University of Utah
"Using Annotated Genomes as Resources for Explorations of Gene Structure, Function and Evolution" (abstract)

1:00 p.m., Friday
April 14
JTB 120

Peter Roper, Florida State University
"Firing pattern transitions in rat supraoptic neurones during progressive dehydration: I think therefore I drink"

April 19

Carrie Byington, Pediatrics, University of Utah

April 26

End of semester collapse


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