Weekly Mathematical Biology Seminar

Fall 2020 semester (usually) Wednesdays at 3:05pm, on Zoom

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Weekly: https://utah.zoom.us/meeting/tJ0vcuqhqzIqEtCcQMzoSki9zzVcKe60yO4l/

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Passcode: 557957
Date Speaker
August 26 Welcome, Town Hall Meeting
September 2 Grad student summer lab reports,
Claire, Kees, Cody, Keshav, Andy Liu, Julie, Alex, Tess, Hallie.
September 9 Michael Werner, Biology, Utah
"Epigenetic mechanisms of developmental plasticity"
September 16 Carter Johnson, Math, Utah
"Neuromechanical Mechanisms of Locomotion in C. elegans"
September 23
Joint Seminar with UBC
Alexandria Volkening Northwestern University
September 30 Jim Heys, Neurobiology and Anatomy, Utah
How the brain keeps track of space and time
October 7 Mark Smithson Math UofU
Patterns of selection in metastatic breast cancer
October 14
Joint Seminar with UBC
Adrianne Jenner Universite de Montreal
Improving oncolytic virotherapy using hybrid PDE/agent-based models and ODE systems
October 21 Niall Mangan Northwestern University
Data-driven methods for identifying mechanisms in complex biological systems
October 28
Joint Seminar with UBC
Min Wu Worcester Polytechnic Institute
The shape formation of tip-growing moss cells
October 30
Seminar sponsored by UBC
Alexandria Volkening Northwestern University
November 4
Joint Seminar with UBC
Nessy Tania Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

November 11 Talia Karasov Biology, Utah
"Tradeoffs and the maintenance of genetic diversity in host-pathogen interactions"
November 18 Lotte de Vries University of Amsterdam
Life-history evolution under conflict (and cooperation)
November 25 Thanksgiving: no talk
December 2 Eric Snyder Huntsman Cancer Institute
Regulation of cellular identity in cancer
December 9
Joint Seminar with UBC
Daniel Coombs University of British Columbia

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