Department of Mathematics
Applied Mathematics Seminar, Fall 2019

Mondays 4:10 PM - 5:10 PM, LCB 215

August 19
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September 9
Speaker: Masashi Mizuno, Department of Mathematics, Nihon University, Japan
Title: Grain boundary motion with time-dependent misorientation and mobility effects
Abstract: In my talk, I will present a model of grain boundary motion with time-dependent misorientation and mobility effects. Dynamics of grain boundaries play an important role in defining the materials properties of polycrystals. The model, considered in the talk, is given by the system of partial differential equations, and is derived using energetic variational principle. Next, I will present the analysis of the model for the grain boundary motion. The key ingredient of the analysis is the so-called monotonicity formula of Huisken's type. Moreover, to treat the time-dependent mobility, we use the modified Gauss kernel to the monotonicity formula.

September 23
Speaker: Tom Alberts, Department of Mathematics, University of Utah
Title: Random Matrix Theory for Homogenization of Composites on Graphs
Abstract: I will discuss the random matrix theory behind two-component random resistor networks on general graphs. This involves random submatrices of the graph's Gamma projection operator, with the particular realization of the submatrix determined by the disorder of the conductances. Certain combinations of graph symmetries together with different models for the random conductances lead to exactly computable spectral statistics. Our recent results lead to exact spectral statistics for the uniform spanning tree model on a diamond hierarchical lattice. Joint work with Ken Golden, Elena Cherkaev, Ben Murphy, Han Le.

September 30
Speaker: Andrejs Treibergs, Department of Mathematics, University of Utah
Title: Compatibility Conditions for Discrete Planar Structures
Abstract: The nonlinear and linearized equations for the state of a planar material with prescribed strain are overdetermined PDE's. To be solvable, the strains must satisfy the necessary compatibility conditions. Approximations of the material by discrete network satisfy overdetermined algebraic equations whose compatibility conditions are less well understood. For generic networks, the number of compatibility conditions is given by the Maxwell number which is a measure of the resilience of a network to damage. It can be easily computed for triangulated networks. We will give a geometric description for the compatibility conditions, discuss which networks are generic, explain why the discrete problems approximate the continuous ones and consider boundary integrals over regions satisfying the compatibility conditions.

October 21
Speaker: Graeme Milton, Department of Mathematics, University of Utah
Title: TBA
Abstract: TBA

October 29. Note day is Tuesday and Time is 3pm - 4pm. Room is LCB 225.
Speaker: Jeffrey Rickman, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Lehigh University
Title: TBA
Abstract: TBA

November 4
Speaker (Invited by Graeme Milton): Yekaterina Epshteyn, Department of Mathematics, University of Utah
Title: TBA
Abstract: TBA

November 25
Speaker: Junshan Lin, Department of Mathematics, Auburn University
Title: TBA
Abstract: TBA

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