Department of Mathematics
Applied Mathematics Seminar, Fall 2014

Mondays 3:55 PM - 5:00 PM, LCB 222

September 19, Joint Stochastics/Applied Math/Math Biology Seminar, Note Time 3:00 - 4:00 pm, Room TBA
Speaker: Peter Bossaerts, Finance Department, University of Utah
Title: TBA

September 22
Speaker: Tatyana Sorokina, Department of Mathematics, Towson University
Title: TBA

September 29
Speaker: Graeme Milton, Department of Mathematics, University of Utah
Title: Superlensing and the searchlight effect in hyperbolic media

October 6
Speaker: Maxence Cassier, Department of Mathematics, University of Utah
Title: Analysis of two time-dependent wave propagation phenomena: 1) Space-time focusing on unknown scatterers; 2) Limiting amplitude principle in a medium composed of a dielectric and a metamaterial.
Abstract:This talk consists of two independent parts related to my Ph.D research thema. In the first one, we are motivated by this challenging question: in a propagative medium which contains several unknown scatterers, how can one generate a wave that focuses selectively on one scatterer not only in space, but also in time? In other words, we look for a wave that "hits hard at the right spot". The technique proposed here is based on DORT method (French acronym for Decomposition of the Time Reversal Operator) which leads to space focusing properties in the frequency domain. The second part is devoted to a transmission problem between a dielectric and a metamaterial. The question we consider here is the following : does the limiting amplitude principle hold in such a medium? This principle defines the stationary regime as the large time asymptotic behavior of a system subject to a periodic excitation. An answer is proposed here in the case of an infinite two-layered medium composed of a dielectric and a particular metamaterial (Drude model).

October 27
Speaker: Elena Cherkaev, Department of Mathematics, University of Utah
Title: TBA

Seminar organizer: Yekaterina Epshteyn (epshteyn (at)

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