Weekly Mathematical Biology Seminar

Fall 2013 semester (usually) Wednesdays at 3:05pm, JTB 320

Date Speaker
August 28 Town Hall Meeting (and Group Photo)
September 4 Geoff Hunter, University of Utah
Thesis Defense
September 6
Special Mathbio Seminar at 3:05 in LCB 225,
Gemma Huguet, Polytechnical University of Catalonia,
"Phase and Amplitude response functions: mathematical tools for phase control in transient-states of spiking neurons"
September 11 Summer Lab Rotation Reports:
Rebecca Terry, Leif Zinn-Björkman, and Katrina Johnson
September 18 Summer Lab Rotation Reports:
Laura Strube, Anna Miller, and Andrew Basinsky
September 25 Will Nesse, University of Utah,
"Probabilistic computations in the Brown Ghost electrosensory network"
October 2 William Brazelton, Department of Biology, University of Utah,
"Attempting a quantitative approach to the microbial ecology of hydrogen-fueled subsurface ecosystems"
October 9 Xiaolin Tang, Department of Physics And Astronomy, University of Utah,
"Mathematical simulation of early transcription events during VSV infection"
October 16 Fall Break-No Seminar
October 23 Sean Lawley, Department of Mathematics, Duke University
"Stochastic switching: mathematical surprises and biological insight"
October 30 ...
November 6 June Round, Department of Pathology, University of Utah
"Direct recognition of commensals by T cells promotes microbiota selection by IgA to prevent disease"
November 13 Nitin Phadnis, Department of Biology, University of Utah
"Genetic Conflict and Speciation"
November 20 ...
November 27 ...
December 4 Katarzyna Tyc, Department of Biochemistry, University of Utah
"Host-responsive gene expression in C. albicans is advantageous when host immune response fluctuates"
December 11 ...

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