Current Graduate Students in Mathematical Biology

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Amanda Alexander

Alex Beams

Victor Camacho
Viscoelastic Fluids

Ann Dunham

Hallie Elich

Priscilla Elizondo

Bridget Fan

Liz Fedak

Cody FitzGerald

Kyle Gaffney

Gregory Handy
Theoretical/Computational Neuroscience, Calcium Dynamics, Cell Physiology

Samantha Hill

Kanyarat (Kate) Jitmana

Katrina Johnson
Cell Physiology, Genetic Regulation, Metabolism, Obesity, Immunology

Andrew Kassen

Hyunjoong Kim

Katie Link

Jake Madrid

Kees McGahan

Mitchell Meyer

Patrick Murphy

Anna Nelson
Cell Physiology

Claire Plunkett

Loren Santana
Cell Growth, Cell Size Homeostasis, Cell Cycle

Theresa Sheets

Laura Strube
Cellular and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry

Rebecca Terry

Kimberly Truong

Kiersten Utsey

Ryan Viertel

Andrew Watson

Daniel Zavitz
Computational Neuroscience, Networks