Mathematics 3210-04: Foundation of Analysis I

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 4:35-5:55 PM (in JWB 206)

Text: Walter Rudin, Principles of Mathematical Analysis, Third Edition, MacGraw-Hill


Office: LCB 104

Phone: (801)581-5272


Office hours: After classes or by arrangement.

Course Content: This is a Honors section of Math-3210. We use a different, considerably more difficult, textbook than the regular sections. Moreover, the exams are more difficult.
We plan to cover chapters 1 to 6 of the textbook.

Chapter 1: The Real and Complex Number Systems
Chapter 2: Basic Topology
Chapter 3: Numerical Sequences and Series
Chapter 4: Continuity
Chapter 5: Differentiation
Chapter 6: The Riemann-Stieltjes Integral

Goals and Objectives: The main objective of this course is to learn rigorous foundation of calculus of functions of one variable, to learn how to do proofs and write them in mathematically precise form.
We will assume that students are familiar with routine calculations done in regular calculus courses, so these will be deemphasized in the course.
First we shall study the basic notions of topology of metric spaces (including compactness and conectedness) and continuous maps between metric spaces.
Then we shall apply these notions to study differentiability of functions of one real variable. Finally we are going to study the construction of Riemann integral of functions of one real variable.

Tests and Grading:
Homeworks will be assigned on regular basis, but not collected or graded. Some interesting homework problems will be discussed in class after students worked on them.
There will be three take-home midterm tests. They will be posted here on regular intervals.
The problems on these tests will be of different degree of difficulty. They will require from students to write up detailed proofs of various statements related to the material covered in class. The students will have about two weeks to work on each take-home exam.
The final grade will be based on the score on these three exams.
First Midterm Test
Second Midterm Test
Third Midterm Test

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