Math 2210-1
Calculus III: multivariable
Fall term, 2004

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Professor Korevaar's home page
Department of Mathematics

Office hours in LCB 204, 581-7318:
    MWF   10:35-10:55
    T    11-11:50, 1-1:50

Problem session in LCB 121:
    T    9:40-10:30

Homework page:

Lecture notes (with their holes still in them):

Final exam is in our classroom LCB 219, Thursday December 16, 8-10 a.m.
   Review session in classroom, Friday December 10, 9:40-10:30
Exam week office hours: NOT the ones listed above, rather:
   Monday: 9:40-10:30, 12:55-1:45
   Tuesday: 9:40-10:30
   Wednesday: 9:40-10:30
    dec8.pdf   review sheet and practice exam questions, from class December 8.
    pracfinalsols.pdf   practice exam solutions

Third exam is in class, on Friday November 19. It covers sections 14.1-14.8 (not 14.9).
    review2.pdf   review sheet and practice exam, from class Wednesday November 17.
    practice2sols.pdf   practice exam solutions

Second exam is in class, on Wednesday October 27:
    oct25.pdf   review sheet and practice exam from Monday October 25
    prac2sols.pdf   practice exam solutions

First exam is in class, on Wednesday September 29:
    reviewsheet.pdf   review sheet from Friday 9/24
    pracexam1.pdf   practice exam
    pracexam1sols.pdf   practice exam solutions
    exam1.pdf   actual exam
    exam1sols.pdf   exam solutions

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