Math 538 Homepage
Fall 2011

Instructor:  Karl Schwede
Text 1:  Commutative ring theory by Hideyuki Matsumura
Text 2:   Undergraduate commutative algebra by Miles Reid
Syllabus:   Click here
Office hours:   Monday 1:00-2:00pm. Thursday 10:00-11:00am. Friday 11:00-12:00am.


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Supplementary material:

HERE is the information on the final exam.

Click HERE for the proof that regular local rings are integral domains.
Click HERE for some notes on homological algebra.
Click HERE for solutions to the fifth worksheet.
Click HERE for solutions to the fourth worksheet.
Click HERE for solutions to the third worksheet.
Click HERE for solutions to the second worksheet.
Click HERE for solutions to the first worksheet.
Click HERE for the Macaulay2 we did in class on Wednesday October 5th.
In general, from a command line on a system with Macaulay2 installed, to setup Macaulay2 in emacs, type M2 and then press enter to start it. Now type "setup();" followed by enter. This should setup macaulay2 in emacs. Now start emacs (for example on a Mac, maybe aquamacs) and hit F12. This should start Macaulay2. Let me know if you need help with anything.
For some discussion on Nakayma's lemma and what it "means", see this discussion on Mathoverflow.

Homework assignments:

Due Friday September 2nd:   Homework 1, Solutions.
Due Friday September 16th:   Homework 2. Solutions.
Due Monday October 3rd:   Homework 3. Solutions.
Due Wednesday October 19th:   Homework 4. Solutions.
Due Friday November 4th:   Homework 5. Solutions.
Due Friday November 18th:   Homework 6. Solutions.
Due Friday December 9th:   Homework 7. Solutions.