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This page is intended to provide information for current and prospective Universtiy of Utah students interested in applied mathematics. Below is a list of current/previous students with their projects.


  • Nathan Willis (2017-current): thesis project on fluid sloshing and steady streaming complex fluids
  • Chee Han Tan (2016-2021): thesis project on fluid sloshing with surface tension (co-advised with Braxton Osting)
  • Steve Cook (UC Riverside, 2014-2017): thesis project on fluid coupling in molecular assays (advisor Tamar Shinar)
  • Kyle Steffen (2014-2015): research project on asymptotics expansions for a slender swimmer near a wall (advisors Ken Golden and Yekaterina Epshteyn)


  • Thomas Radman (2019): MATH 5960 on using neural network in fluids problems
  • Emma Coates (2019-2020): ACCESS and REU project on optimal container shapes for fluid sloshing
  • Adam R. Lee (2017): 3D simulations of viscoelastic fluids with thermal fluctuations
  • Alex R. Henabray (2017): project on fluid flow past biconcave bodies
  • Max Carlson (2016-2017): 3D numerical simulations of fluid sloshing with surface tension (co-advised with Braxton Osting and Chee Han Tan)
  • D. Michael Senter (2013-2015): mean first passage time and numerical simulations in complex fluids
  • Maria David (2014): ACCESS project on Brownian motion
  • Ryan Durr (2013-2014): mean first passage time in complex fluids


If you are interested in a research project and/or a reading course, email me and we can set up a time to discuss different topics. Below is a list of university and departmental ressources.

Undergraduate Opportunities

The math department provides opportunities for individual and group research experiences for undergraduates (REUs). Consult the department webpage and email me if interested. We can then set up a meeting time to dicuss research opportuinities.

Additionally, the University provides assistanstships for research or creative projects through the UROP program.

If you are interested in a Summer Research Program, this website provides a list of current and future programs.

Finally, if you are a women interested in studying science and math at the U, the ACCESS Program for Women in Sciences and Mathematics will give you the opportunity to get started with your studies.

Graduate Student Opportunities

If you are interested in graduate studies in applied mathematics, apply to the Department of Mathematics and the University of Utah by filling in the on-line application. Consult the department webpage about what it is like to be a graduate student at the U.