Leibnitz Cramer Gauss Sylvester Cayley

Math 2270-2 Linear Algebra, Spring 2018
Instructor G.B. Gustafson, PDF Syllabus Here, HTML Syllabus Here
Office hours JWB 113 after class, and by appointment. (801) 581-6879
Email preferred. Office Hours: Door Card Hours and Email Address.
Lecture Linear Algebra 2270-2 meets at 8:00am MWF in JFB-B1. Computer Lab
in LCB 115 on select Tuesdays. Information about Problem sessions Here.
Midterm Exams Exams held from 7:30am to 9:25am on Friday 23 Feb and Friday 6 Apr.
Final Exam Exam 7:30am to 10:00am on Monday 30 April, regular classroom.
Textbook David C. Lay, Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 5E (2015). Book Cover Here
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