University of Utah LogoMath 2270 - Linear Algebra - Spring 2016


Completed semester projects were due in the second week of the final exam period. Presentations of projects were given in class during the last two lecture periods. The formats are PDF and Maple Text input.

Presented Projects

  1. Tyler Adams, David Moody, Haysun Choi Cryptography and the Enigma Machine adamsTyler-moodyDavid-choiHaysun-CryptographyTheEnigmaMachine.pdf
  2. Veronica Dean-Perry and Marie Novozenya Least squares fitting of weight data deanPerryVeronica-novozenyaMarie-least-squares.pdf
  3. David Ethan Hamilton, Daniel Merrell, Aaron Kramer, Marty Simmons, and Carlos Guerra Economics Stochastic Models Directory hamiltonEthan
  4. Daniel Mattheiss Fractals generated by iteration of affine mappings Directory mattheissDaniel
  5. Barrett Williams Predicting Financial Security Prices using the FFT Directory williamsBarrett
  6. Jie Zhang and Pratusha Bopanna Markov Chains and Music Composition Directory zhang-bopanna

Submitted Projects

  1. Christian Butler Inheritance and Population Genetics butler-Christian-inheritance-population-genetics.pdf
  2. John Chambers Spectral differences of sound and harmonics using Fourier Transformations chambersJohn-Spectral-Differences-Sounds-and-Harmonics.pdf
  3. William Garnes Fractal generation using linear and affine transformations Directory garnesWilliam-fractals
  4. Benson Haglund Leontief Consumption Matrices and Economics Models Directory haglundBenson
  5. Conner Kuhn A Comparison of SVD and DCT Image Compression Methods Directory kuhnConnor
  6. Nicholas Lloyd OpenGL Matrix/Vector Manipulation using SFML: Applications of Linear and Affine Transformations lloydNick-open-GL-computer-graphics.pdf
  7. Jessica Murdock Image Manipulation Using Mathematica: Matrix Representations of Images and Linear Transformations murdockJessica-Image-Manipulation-Mathematica.pdf
  8. Nathan Romriell Fractals, Julia Sets and Mandlebrot Sets: Linear and Affine Transformations Directory romriellNathan
  9. Dario Sanchez Balancing Chemical Equations using Systems of Linear Algebraic Equations sanchezDario-chemistry-balancing-chemical-equations.pdf
  10. Christopher Sannar Representation of Musical Scores by Vectors and Matrices sannarChristopher-Music-scores-and-matrices.pdf
  11. Kyle Heaton and Braden Scothern scothernBraden-heatonKyle-hamming-codes.pdf
  12. Orenda Williams Manipulation of Digital Images using Matrices williamsOrenda-matrix-operations-digital-images.pdf

Incomplete Projects

  1. Mahalia Lotz Spectral properties of music LotzMahalia-music-spectral-properties-fourier-analysis.pdf
  2. Jiwon Nam Image Compression namJiwon-image-compression.pdf
  3. Seth Reelitz Hill Cipher reelitzSeth-hill-cipher.pdf