Math 5405 Homepage
Spring 2016

Instructor:  Karl Schwede

  • Professor Savin's book and
  • Trappe and Washington Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory, Second Edition
    Programming: We will use python
    Syllabus:   Click here
    Office hours: Tuesday 11-12, Friday 11-12 in JWB 323.
  • News:

    The final is on Monday May 2nd, at 10:30am. There is some information on it HERE.
    The computer final is HERE

    Supplementary material:

  • Facts about fields.
  • Here is some information on the first midterm PDF.
  • The function that finds the inverse of a mod n is available HERE.
  • Here is the RSACodes.txt

    Homework assignments:

  • Homework 1, Due Thursday, January 21st.
  • Homework 2, Due Thursday, February 4th. (LaTeX source)
  • Homework 3, Due Tuesday, March 22nd. (LaTeX source) The solution to problem 5 (with the typo corrected) is HERE.
  • Homework 4, Due Tuesday, April 26th. (LaTeX source)

    Worksheets started in class:

  • Worksheet 1, Due Tuesday January 19th.
  • Worksheet 2, Due Tuesday January 26th.
  • Worksheet 3, Due Tuesday February 2nd.
  • Worksheet 4, Due Tuesday February 9th.
  • Worksheet 5, Due Tuesday February 16th.
  • Worksheet 6, Not Due.
  • Worksheet 7, Due Tuesday March 1st.
  • Worksheet 8, Due Tuesday March 8th.
  • Worksheet 9, Due Thursday March 24th.
  • Worksheet 10, Due Thursday March 31st.
  • Worksheet 11, Not Due.
  • Worksheet 12, Due Tuesday April 26th.
  • Worksheet 13, Not Due.

    Computer assignments:

  • Computer assignment 1, Not Due, but please mess around with python.
  • Computer assignment 2, Due Tuesday February 2nd.
  • Computer assignment 3, Due Tuesday February 16th.
  • Computer assignment 4, Due Thursday February 25th.
  • Computer assignment 5, Due Thursday March 3rd.
  • Computer assignment 6, Due Thursday March 10th. (Note the extra credit is due March 22nd).
  • Computer assignment 7, Due Thursday April 13th.
  • Computer Final, Due Monday May 2nd.