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AB 3 Math 1210
AB 4 Math 1220 or Math 1250
AB 5 Math 1250 or Math 1220
BC 3 Math 1220
BC 4 or 5 Math 1260 or Math 2210

NOTE: Math 1250-1260 covers in two semesters roughtly the material covered by Math 1210-1220-2210 in three semesters. The Math 1250-1260 sequence also covers the material in a more in-depth and theoretical manner. 

  • If you took the exam more than two years ago you can either take a Math Boot Camp to renew your placement or talk to an Undergraduate Advisor about placement.
  • Students planning to major in Engineering should contact an Engineering Advisor for information on how their AP scores place them into the engineering math sequence.
  • If you are placing into a math class with IB scores, we are still evaluating those on an individual basis. Please email the advisor with any questions.

If you still have questions about which math class to take, please contact the Mathematics Undergraduate Advisor.

Last Updated: 6/8/21