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Graduate Mathematics Application Instructions

Since August 2011, all applications to graduate programs in mathematics are done online. It is not necessary to send a separate application to the Graduate School and to the Department.
This page includes information for applying to admission and financial aid to the following graduate programs:
  • Master of Arts in Mathematics
  • Master of Science in Mathematics
  • Master of Statistics (Mathematics)
  • Doctor of Philosophy Mathematics

The following programs can be found at these links:

Questions about your background can be sent to Jingyi Zhu, Chair of the Graduate Recruitment Committee OR Fernando Guevara Vasquez, Director of Graduate Studies.
General questions about your application should be sent to Paula Tooman, Graduate Program Coordinator. After reading this page and the line-by-line instructions you may proceed to the Apply Yourself (AY). The application need not be completed in one session. Applications for financial aid for the following fall semester are due January 1.


Most mathematics graduate students are supported by Teaching Assistantships. Others may be supported by Fellowships or Research Assistantships, depending on the source of funding.

The Mathematics Department deadline for applications for financial aid to start the following fall semester is January 1st. Most financial aid is in the form of Teaching Assistantships during the fall and spring semesters. Alternative support from individual research grants, and additional support from summer teaching, may also be available. Financial aid is typically given only to students in the Ph.D. program.

Students are normally admitted at the beginning of the fall semester, and financial aid to new students is only offered at that time. It is desirable that applications for Teaching Assistantships be submitted as early as possible, but should be received by January 1st in order to receive full consideration. Applications received before March 15th may be considered for financial aid for the following fall semester if positions remain available.

The University application deadlines are November 1st for spring admission, March 15th for summer admission, and April 1st for fall admission.


Admission to graduate status in either a Master's or Ph.D. program requires that students hold a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics (or its equivalent), a grade point average of at least 3.0, and that they show promise of success in graduate work. The prerequisites for the various programs vary. For the Ph.D. and Master of Arts / Master of Science degrees, qualified applicants typically possess a Bachelor's or Master's degree in mathematics. In particular, Ph.D. students should be prepared to take the courses that directly lead to qualifying exams.

GRE Exams

For the 2021 academic year (Fall, Summer, or Spring) we will not require nor evaluate GRE exam scores as part of the application. We understand that taking the general test may be difficult, and that in many cases subject exams will not be offered at all. Although not required, it is helpful if in your Personal Statement you add a short sentence indicating that you were unable to take the exams due to the COVID pandemic.

English Tests

All applicants must meet the University of Utah's minimum requirements for English proficiency, CLICK HERE.

Additionally, successful applicants for Teaching Assistantships must be proficient in their spoken and listening English skills. Those skills are usually reflected in the submitted TOEFL scores (or equivalent). In most cases, for those subsections of the TOEFL, we look for scores of at least about 20, and optimally, of at least about 23.


For international applicants,the I-20 form cannot be processed until ALL documents and fees are submitted to the Office of Admissionsand the student has been admitted by the program.


A small number of fee waivers are available upon request for applications to the PhD program. Preference is given to US citizens and permanent residents, and occassionally to students currently studying in the United States on F-1 or J-1 visas. Fee waivers for international students can only be granted in very limited circumstances. To apply for a fee waiver please send an e-mail to Ms. Paula Tooman at with the subject line Application Fee Waiver.


AY Application
Specific requirements of the Department of Mathematics are spelled out in the Mathematics Graduate Bulletin. The Department of Mathematics deadline for applications for Teaching Assistantships of the next fall semester is January 1st. The deadlines for admission are November 1st for spring admission, March 15th for summer admission, and April 1st for fall admission. You can find information in the Bulletin about satisfying the University of Utah's language requirements for non–native-English-speaking graduate students and the TOEFL tests.

Line-By-Line Application Instructions:

  • AY Application
    • Create an account
  • Basic Information — All Applicants
    • Application Type
    • Program Information
      • Program of Interest
        • Campus:  Select Salt Lake City Campus
        • Intended graduate program and degree: Select one of Mathematics MA (Master of Arts in Mathematics), Mathematics MS (Master of Science in Mathematics, Mathematics MST (Master of Statistics- Mathematics), or Mathematics PhD (Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics). Students in the MS program may apply for admission to the PhD program in their second year. Students making good progress will find a seamless transition to the PhD. Students interested in Master of Mathematics (Teaching) should select Science Program for Secondary School Teachers MS and follow different instructions on the Master of Mathematics (Teaching) tab. 
        • Application Term and Year: Indicate the term for which you are applying. For most applicants to the mathematics programs this will be next year's Fall Semester. Teaching Assistantships are offered beginning in the fall semester only.
        • Addititional Program Information
        • Area of Interest: Select your most likely area of studies in the Department of Mathematics. For example, if you are interested in geometric group theory, then please indicate "geometry/topology". If you are not sure about what your area will be, or if you do not see your interest listed, please check "undecided" undecided, and describe your emphasis in your "Statement of Purpose".
    • Personal Data
    • Contact Information
    • Permanent Address
    • Optional Biographical Information
    • Educational History
      • List your previous graduate study experiences including any study at the University of Utah. You will be asked to list all universities attended including all graduate programs with dates.
      • Colleges and Universities: You will be asked to enter the Colleges and Universities you've attended and upload copies of transcripts. The recruitment committee will want to see your grades from the Fall 2017. If they will not be available until after January 1st please contact us to let us know.
    • Residency
    • Additional Information
      • Financial SupportPlease indicate whether you are applying for financial support from the Department of Mathematics. Usually the financial support available to first year students consists of a teaching assistant ship which pays a stipend and a tuition waiver. Teaching Assistants are assigned various duties including teaching classes, running recitation or lab sections and grading.
    • Additional Background Information
    • Voluntary Consent
    • GRE GMAT Score
      • Test Scores- The Department of Mathematics strongly recommends that you submit your score on the GRE Math subject test. While the Department will consider applications without a GRE subject score, your application may be at a disadvantage. If you have questions about whether you should take the subject test, please contact Fernando Guevara Vasquez, Director of Graduate Studies., or Jingyi Zhu, Director of Graduate Recruitment.
        Neither the MStat (Mathematics) nor the Masters of Mathematics (Teaching) programs require the GRE. Masters of Mathematics (Teaching) submit Praxis scores instead of GRE scores — see specific Master of Mathematics (Teaching) instructions.
    • Additional Test Score
    • Work/Professional Experience
    • Statement of Purpose
      • The Mathematics Department now requires that you also upload a Statement of Purpose where you may describe your educational and career objectives. We are more interested in hearing about your current interests in mathematics, and why Utah is a good fit, then in why you decided to study mathematics. This is also the place where you can discuss any teaching experience you may have. If you are interested in applying for a fellowship in one of the the departments two RTG grants ( you should also mention that here.
    • Post Submission
      • Curriculum Vita - Please upload your CV. 
      • Course DescriptionsYou may choose to include a list of the mathematics courses (or related courses) that you have taken, along with a short description of the syllabus or course text. This is particularly useful if the Recruitment Committee is not familiar with your undergraduate institution.
  • Important Links
    • Recommendations
      • For each person providing you a letter of recommendation, please enter their names and email contact information. AY will email your referees and ask them to upload their recommendation. The Department of Mathematics requires at least three letters of recommendation. The most valuable letters are from professors of your advanced mathematics classes and mentors of research projects.

Apply Yourself (AY) Graduate Application



Last Updated: 6/8/21