Math Circle

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Spring Semester 2011

date leader assistants

1/19 Peter Trapa
Counting and infinity


1/26 Peter Trapa
More counting problems
2/2 Peter Trapa
Catalan numbers
Notes (by Mladen Bestvina)
2/9 Peter Trapa
More interpretions of the Catalan numbers
Slides (by Glenn Tesler)
2/16 Dan Ciubotaru
Inclusion-exclusion and derangements
Notes (by Brian Conrey and Tom Davis)
2/23 Dan Ciubotaru
Mass point geometry
Notes (by Tom Rike)
Notes (by Bobby Hanson)
3/2 Peter Trapa
The moving sidewalk is now ending
Notes: See Chapter 10 of George Szpiro's A Mathematical Medley or
Terry Tao's blog entry
3/9 Peter Trapa
Click and Clack Take It Back
Notes: this Car Talk puzzler
and it's "solution".
Unrelated fun: The Math Salute
3/16 Peter Trapa
State Math Contest roundup
3/23 No Meeting (Spring Break)
3/30 Peter Trapa
Quadratic formula mod n
4/6 Aaron Wood
Solutions to Pell's Equation
4/13 Aaron Wood
The hat problem
4/20 Peter Trapa
Closed forms for linear recurrneces I
4/27 Peter Trapa
Closed forms for linear recurrneces II

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