Math Circle

Schedule, Notes & Contests

Fall Semester 2009

date leader assistants

9/23 Peter Trapa
Pigeons, Planets, and Poincare
Becky Clover
Amanda Cangelosi

9/30 Peter Trapa
Becky Clover
Amanda Cangelosi

10/7 Peter Trapa
Becky Clover
Bryan Wilson

No meeting
Fall Break

10/21 Contest 1 Becky Clover

10/28 Tommaso de Fernex
Ruler and compass constructions
Becky Clover
Bryan Wilson

11/4 Tommaso de Fernex
Notions of infinity
Becky Clover
Megan Gorringe

11/11 Hugo Rossi
The games of criss-cross
(Excerpted from Sam Vandervelde's book Circle in a Box.)
Becky Clover
Adam Gully

11/18 Peter Trapa
Odds and ends related to the sessions of de Fernex and Rossi
Becky Clover

11/25 No meeting

Becky Clover
Aaron Wood

Becky Clover
Aaron Wood

(last meeting this semester)
Becky Clover
Sarah Cobb

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