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Spring Semester 2003

Unit 4: Math Contests - For MAA and State Math Contest-Type Problems

(For this unit, we used many wonderful problems from old American Mathematics Competitions. The URL for this organization is and, if you visit that site, you will find a wealth of information and resources for high school math contests.) Unit 5: Topology
  • 2/12/03 "Knots" by Mladen Bestvina
  • 2/19/03 "Knots" (continued) by Mladen Bestvina
  • 2/26/03 "Graph Theory" by Bobby Hanson
  • 3/5/03 "Graph Theory" (continued) by Bobby Hanson
    (The link to last week's notes covers both weeks.)
  • 3/12/03 Contest #5
Unit 6: Geometry
  • 3/26/03 "Fractal Geometry" by Jesse Ratzkin
  • 4/2/03 "Fractal Construction" by Jesse Ratzkin
  • 4/9/03 "Fractals - III" by Jesse Ratzkin and handout
    (The link to last week's notes covers both weeks.)
  • 4/16/03 "The Magic of Numbers" by Florian Enescu
  • 4/23/03 "The Magic of Numbers - Part 2" by Florian Enescu
    (The link to last week's notes covers both weeks.)
  • 4/30/03 End-of-Year Party AND "Rainbows, Halos, and Glories: Mathematics in Nature" by Graeme Milton, Chair of the Mathematics Department
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