Graduate Student Advisory Committee (GSAC)

The Graduate Student Advisory Committee (GSAC) exists for the following reasons:

  • To advise new and continuing graduate students concerning curricula, requirements for degrees and other aspects of the graduate program.
  • To make recommendations to the Department concerning promotion, tenure and retention of faculty members.
  • To participate in the allocation of ASUU funds supplied to the College of Science Student Council.
  • To make whatever recommendations it feels appropriate concerning the graduate program to the Department of Mathematics.
  • To assist the Department in making its policies and requirements fully understood by the graduate students.

Current GSAC sub-committees

Co-chairs Chris Miles, Dan Smolkin
Retention, Promotion and Tenure Adam Brown, Todd Reeb, Laura Strube, Greg Handy
Graduate Colloquium Jenny Kenkel
GSNACS (Refreshments) Anna Nelson, Sean McAfee, Jenny Kenkel, Hannah Hoganson
Recruitment Greg Handy, James Farre, Anna Nelson, Daniel Zavitz, Hannah Hoganson, Dan Smolkin
Graduate Student Life Committee (Social Outreach) Erin Linebarger, Jenny Kenkel, Daniel Zavitz
Intramural Sports (Social Outreach) James Gossell, Derrick Wigglesworth
Web page maintenance Andy Kassen
*Sub-committee chairs are underlined.

Contacts for Prospective and Incoming Students

Research Area Student Contact
Mathematical Biology Samantha Hill
Algebraic Geometry Franco Rota
Commutative Algebra Dan Smolkin
Topology/Geometry Hanna Astephan
Representation Theory Sean McAfee
Probability Daniel Lee
Statistics Jenny Kenkel
Applied Mathematics Kyle Steffen
Scientific Computing Erin Linebarger
International Students Stefano Filipazzi
*For general questions and information please email Paula Tooman


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