As chairs of the Graduate Student Advisory Committee, the co-chairs are the first people contacted to speak for the graduate students in the math department. You may be asked to sit on committees where representation from graduate students is needed.


Hannah Hoganson


Jake Madrid

GSAC committees

Graduate colloquium

Jose Yanez

Organize speakers for the GSAC colloquium and advertise these talks.


Peter McDonald

The GSAC colloquium has $50 a week for colloquium snacks. The GSNACS committee organizes these snacks: either getting them, or delegating to other graduate students.

Retention, Promotion, Tenure, and Hiring

George Domat (Chair)

Emily Smith

Kimberly Truong

Katie Link

Make recommendations to the Department concerning promotion, tenure and retention of faculty members.


Peter McDonald (Chair)

Mitchell Meyer

Tess Sheets

Kees McGahan

Faith Pearson

Organizes visiting weekend, including what activities will be available, matching prospective students to graduate student hosts, setting up meetings, etc.

Fun & Friendship

Liz Fedak

Cody Fitzgerald

Amanda Alexander

Sam Swain

Planning math graduate student community events.

Professional Development

Anna Nelson

Janina Letz

Intramural Sports

Marin Petkovic

Chee Han Tan

Organizing math graduate student intramural teams, such as basketball, inner tube water polo, soccer, kayak battleship, etc.


Eli Clark

Keeps the GSAC webpage updated and functional. This mainly consists in updating the colloquium page. At the beginning of new academic years, the contact page also needs to be updated. Our GSAC Webpage can be a great opportunity to spread information and awareness about grad student initiatives.