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2280 8:35am Spring 2009
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Intro Differential Equations 2280 S2009


  • Web records now available, 9am on 15 May 2009. Send email if you find an error that affects your final letter grade or rank in class.
    Click here for web records S2009, Draft 2, 18May2009, 6pm
    Click here for web records S2009, Draft 1, 14May2009, 8am
  • Exams outside the door 113jwb on 12 May. Final exam solutions key, S2009. Top score solutions by Sara S., David D., Simon W.
  • Sample Final Exam [20 problems] is ready to download 30 April. Revised with answers and solutions on 2 May. Please advise of any errors found, and the correction will be posted here. Bart, Josh, Kelli, Dan, Chelsie and Jennifer discovered a wrong answer for problems 7 and 18a. The pdf below has been corrected. Sample final exam problems, S2009.
  • Sample Midterm 3 is ready to download Saturday 18 April. Sample midterm 3, S2009.
    Solutions to pass one of exam 3 on 22 April are available here:
    Exam 3 answers, 22 April 2009, Version 1
    Wood, Harris and Young discovered a wrong answer in (4b), correct answer is x(t)=exp(2t)-exp(t), y(t)=0.

    2280 Due Dates, Maple Projects and Extra Credit

    1. 2280 [8:35am] due dates for submitted work
      Due dates updated daily
    2. 2280 maple labs and maple extra credit. Click here
    3. 2280 Extra Credit. Cancel zeros and fifty-fives! More maple extra credit appears in certain chapters. Extra credit problems

    2280 Syllabus and Dailies Spring 2009

    1. Gustafson's 2280 course syllabus Spring 2009
      pdf postscript syllabus (90k (119K pdf)
      Differential Equations, Edwards-Penney 4/E 2008
      Print locally or use Adobe AcroRead [acrobat reader]
    2. Gustafson's 2280 gradesheet Spring 2009
      A form for keeping your own records ( 98K pdf)
    3. 2280 format suggestions for reports
      How to improve your written work. Writing reports. ( 25K pdf)
    4. How to do maple graphics using a modem or dsl
      Low speed internet and maple graphics (3.8K txt)

    2280 Slides and Documents

    1. Slides projected in class from the notebook computer are duplicated on the web here:
      Directory from classroom notebook computer
    2. Slides, scans and manuscripts from 2250, historical links from 2006 Click Here

    2280 Midterm and Final Exams

    Click here for all S2009 exam materials, including samples, old exam keys with solutions, keys to this semester's exams, and related study guides for exams.

    Maple Tutorials and Maplesoft offer

    1. Maplesoft Quick Reference Cards Click Here
    2. Douglas Meade's Quick Reference Card for Maple 12 Click Here
    3. A rookie maple tutorial for the impatient from Indiana University Click Here
    4. Angie Gardiner tutorial source. Save to local disk and launch it in maple. Save file (.mws) [usually right click]
    5. Details for maple 12 under unix, windows, OS/X How to use maple 12 (2k text)
    6. Offer from Waterloo Maple to buy a copy of maple 12 for your OS/X, Linux or MS-Windows home computer or laptop [$50.00].
      Maple 12 Offer S2009 Click here

    2280 Problem Notes and Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Presently, there are none, but the companion book Differential Equations and Linear Algebra by Edwards-Penney is used for math 2250, and there are numerous notes on those problems. Beware: the chapters correspond, but have a different order, e.g., Laplace is earlier in our textbook. Also, some extra chapters appear in our text, and they will not have 2250 problem notes.
    2. If I get time to sort this out, then I will, and make available problem notes keyed to our textbook.
    3. 2250 Problem Notes. Extra info on dailies. Problem notes and FAQ

    2280 Solved Homework Problems, Group Effort

    1. Lund, 1.1-8 (pdf)
    2. Isono, 1.1-12 (pdf)
    3. Lund, 1.1-35 (pdf)
      Schlub, 1.1-35 (pdf)
    4. Adeel, 1.1-39 (pdf)
    5. Anatoly Zharkikh, 1.3-33 (pdf)
    6. Lund, 2.1-7 (pdf)
    7. Stefanishis, 4.2-34 (pdf)
    8. Stefanishis, 4.3-10 (pdf)
    9. Stefanishis, 5.2-36 (pdf)
    10. Stefanishis, 5.3-19 (pdf)

    FLASH Animations of applications

  • The physics animations in the link below [85 animations] were written by David M. Harrison, Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Toronto. They are Copyright 2002 - 2006 David M. Harrison.
    Harrison's physics animations
    The areas covered in the 85 animations appear below. A high percentage of them touch the subject matter of this course.
    1. Chaos
    2. Classical Mechanics
    3. Electricity and Magnetism
    4. Micrometer Caliper
    5. Miscellaneous
    6. Nuclear
    7. Optics
    8. Oscilloscope
    9. Quantum Mechanics
    10. Relativity
    11. Sound Waves
    12. Vectors
    13. Waves

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