Stochastics Seminar, Fall 2015
Department of Mathematics, University of Utah

Fridays, 3-4 PM, LCB 219

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Friday August 28. No Seminar.
Friday September 4. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Mackenzie Simper, University of Utah
"Large deviations for dynamical systems with noise"
Friday September 11. No Seminar.
Tuesday September 15. Oral Exam. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Kelly MacArthur, University of Utah

Friday September 25. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Timo Seppäläinen, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Variational formulas for directed percolation models"
Friday October 2. No Seminar.
Friday October 9. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Firas Rassoul-Agha, University of Utah
"Geodesics for the corner growth model with general weights"
Friday October 16. No Seminar. Fall Break.
Friday October 23. No Seminar.
Friday October 30. No Seminar.
Friday November 6. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Jeremy Clark, University of Mississippi
"The intermediate disorder regime for a directed polymer model on a hierarchical lattice"
Friday November 13. No seminar.
Friday November 20. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Jingyu Huang, University of Kansas
"Large time asymptotic for the parabolic Anderson model driven by spatially correlated noise"
Friday November 27. No Seminar. Thanksgiving Break.
Thursday December 3. Joint Stochastics, Applied Math, and Math Biology Seminar. 9-10 am. SW 132
Sean Lawley, University of Utah
"Randomly switching ODEs, PDEs, and SDEs: Mathematical analysis and biological insight"
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Friday December 11. No Seminar. Classes End.
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