Stochastics Seminar, Fall 2008
Department of Mathematics, University of Utah

Fridays, 3-4 PM, LCB 219

Friday August 15. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Andreas Kyprianou, University of Bath
"De Finetti's control problem and spectrally negative Lévy processes" (Abstract)
Friday August 22. No Seminar.
Friday August 29. No Seminar.
Friday September 5. No Seminar.
Thursday September 11. Stochastics Seminar. 9:30-10:30 am. JWB 335
Johannes Schauer, Graz University of Technology
"Non-central limit theorems for random selections" (Abstract)
Friday September 19. No Seminar.
Friday September 26. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Jiyeon Lee, Yeungnam University
"Compound Poisson dams with a general release rule" (Abstract)
Friday October 3. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Stewart Ethier, University of Utah
"Limit theorems for Parrondo's paradox" (Abstract)
Friday October 10. No Seminar.
Friday October 17. No Seminar. Fall Break.
Friday October 24. No Seminar.
Friday October 31. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Robert Smits, New Mexico State University
"Asymptotic analysis of a Cox-Ingersoll-Ross type diffusion" (Abstract)
Friday November 7. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Yu Zhang, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
"Limit theorems for maximum flows on a lattice" (Abstract)
Friday November 14. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Scott McKinley, Duke University
"Diffusion in soft matter" (Abstract)
Friday November 21. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Timo Seppäläinen, University of Wisconsin, Madison
"Fluctuations for a class of zero range processes" (Abstract)
Friday November 28. No Seminar. Thanksgiving Break.
Wednesday December 3. Joint Applied Math and Stochastics Seminar. 4:15-5:10 pm. JWB 308
Guillaume Bal, Columbia University
"Some convergence results in equations with random coefficients" (Abstract)
Friday December 5. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Mohammud Foondun, University of Utah
"Intermittence and nonlinear parabolic stochastic differential equations" (Abstract)
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Friday December 12. No Seminar. End of the Semester.
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