Stochastics Seminar, Spring 2014
Department of Mathematics, University of Utah

Fridays, 3-4 PM, LCB 219

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Friday January 10. No Seminar.
Friday January 17. No Seminar.
Friday January 24. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Leif Doering, ETH Zurich
"Results for some very irregular SDEs"
Friday January 31. No Seminar.
Friday February 7. No Seminar.
Friday February 14. No Seminar.
Friday February 21. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Alex Dias Ramos, Federal University of Pernambuco
"Random processes with variable length"
Friday February 28. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Le Chen, University of Utah
"Moment estimates for various SPDE's driven by space-time white noise"
Friday March 7. Joint Max-Dehn and Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Federico Rodriguez-Hertz, Penn State University
"Rigidity of hyperbolic higher rank lattice actions"
Friday March 14. No Seminar. Spring Break.
Thursday March 20. Departmental Colloquium. 4-5 pm. LCB 219
Timo Seppäläinen, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Variational formulas for directed paths in a random medium"
Friday March 21. No Seminar.
Friday March 28. No Seminar.
Friday April 4. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Antonio Auffinger, University of Chicago
"Strict convexity of the Parisi functional"
Friday April 11. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Arjun Krishnan, Courant Institute, New York University
"Variational formula for the time-constant of first-passage percolation"
Friday April 18. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Kunwoo Kim, University of Utah
"Fractal percolation and the large scale Hausdorff dimension of the range of a random walk"
Friday April 25. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 323
Shmuel Baruch, University of Utah
"Fleeting orders"
Friday May 2. No Seminar. Classes Ended.
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