Stochastics Seminar, Fall 2013
Department of Mathematics, University of Utah

Fridays, 3-4 PM, LCB 219

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Friday August 30. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Shang-Yuan Shiu, Taiwan National Central University
"Semi-discrete semi-linear parabolic SPDEs"
Friday September 6. No Seminar.
Friday September 13. No Seminar.
Friday September 20. No Seminar.
Friday September 27. No Seminar.
Friday October 4. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Stewart Ethier, University of Utah
"Periodic patterns of Parrondo games with spatial dependence"
Friday October 11. No Seminar.
Friday October 18. No Seminar. Fall Break.
Friday October 25. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Jon Chaika, University of Utah
"Some results that hold on every flat surface"
Friday November 1. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Panki Kim, Seoul National University
"Parabolic Littlewood-Paley inequality for $\phi(-\Delta)$-type operators and applications to Stochastic integro-differential equations"
Friday November 8. No Seminar.
Friday November 15. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Michael Damron, Indiana University, Bloomington
"Sublinear variance in first-passage percolation"
Friday November 22. No Seminar.
Friday November 29. No Seminar. Thanksgiving Break.
Friday December 6. No Seminar.
Friday December 13. Stochastics Seminar. 3-4 pm. LCB 219
Davar Khoshnevisan, University of Utah
"Large-scale dimension"
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