Workshops and Panels

We regularly organize workshops and panels support students and inform about issues of underrepresented groups.

Professor Panel

To give graduate students the opportunity to meet potential advisors, we organize a professor panel once a year. This is a series of 5-minute research talks followed by a casual meet-and-greet with snacks. The previous professor panels consisted of:

Fall 2018
Thomas Alberts, Harish Bhat, Fernando Guevara Vasquez, Srikanth Iyengar, Dragan Milicic, Karl Schwede
Spring 2018
Jonathan Chaika, Tommaso de Fernex, Christel Hohenegger, Sean Lawley, Firas Rassoul-Agha, Peter Trapa

Previous Workshops

Semester Description
October 22, 2019 Life as a Math Grad Student Panel joint with USAC
Have you wondered what graduate school in math would be like? AWM and USAC are hosting a panel of graduate students to answer your questions and offer advice.
August 28, 2019 LaTeX Workshop: exam class with SIAM student chapter at the University of Utah
Ressources: Slides
April 10, 2019 Bystander Intervention Training by Liz Rogers (Office for Inclusive Excellence)
Be More Than a Bystander: How to Intervene When You Witness Violence, Harassment, or Discrimination.
We witness a problem, consider some kind of positive action, then respond by doing...nothing. We remain bystanders. Research shows there are two reasons why people don't intervene when they witness interpersonal violence and harassment; fear of becoming a target, and lack of knowledge of what can be done. This interactive workshop is aimed at equipping people with practical tools to disrupt, distract, and diffuse situations while considering the safety of everyone involved.
Material: Bystander Intervention strategies, Bystander Intervention small group activity
March 25, 2019 LaTeX Workshop II with SIAM student chapter at the University of Utah
November 13, 2018 LaTeX Workshop with SIAM student chapter at the University of Utah
October 26, 2017 The Modern Workplace: Navigation Inclusivity and Diversity by David Derezotes
  • Transform difficult classroom and collegial conversations (about such topics as race, gender, politics, religion, sexual orientation, etc.) into learning opportunities that fit with existing class and departmental objectives.
  • Work to uncover and heal the hidden biases that most of us have about other people.
  • Help to transform our classrooms, department, campus, and local neighborhoods into inclusive communities where members value diversity, hold mutual respect, share power and resources, and promote social justice.
October 25, 2017 Negotiation Workshop by Pearl Sandick
This communication and negotiation workshop focuses on professional skills that students and postdocs need in order to effectively perform research, including: negotiating a position in academia, industry or at a national lab, interacting positively on teams and with a mentor or advisor, thinking tactically, articulating goals, enhancing their personal presence, and developing alliances. We will discuss negotiation strategies and tactics that are useful for achieving professional goals. This is a highly interactive workshop where participants are invited to bring examples of difficult professional situations to discuss.
Spring 2017 Gendered Language Workshop by Amy Wildermuth
Spring 2017 Implicit Bias Workshop by Mary Anne Berzins
Spring 2016 2-part Gender & Sexuality Workshop by LGBTQ Resource Center
Fall 2015 Negotiation Workshop by Pearl Sandick