The University of Utah AWM mentoring network connects undergraduate students majoring, minoring, or interested in mathematics with a graduate student mentor. The program aims to improve community within the math department and provide support to our undergraduate students. Undergraduate and graduate students of any gender are welcome and can sign up via the following links:

Receive a Mentor

Become a Mentor

The signup period for receiving or becoming a mentor is September 9 to September 25. Once you've been assigned a mentor or mentee, we ask that you fill out this form to certify your commitment to the program. We will also be holding a virtual kick-off event on October 1. Any questions should be directed to Samantha Linn. If you have any concerns, you can submit them here with the option to remain anonymous if you would like.


Academic year Number of mentor-mentee pairings
2020/21 6
2019/20 11
2018/19 23
Total 40