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Other Activities


Modern Mathematics Course

These one-semester-long courses are offered as Math 4800. They will introduce undergraduates to some of the exciting more recent developments in mathematics with the format adjusted to fit a semester long course and the level adjusted to one appropriate for Utah undergraduates. These courses will have a similar format as the REU class our Department has been offering in the past as part of the VIGRE program, and can thus be viewed as a continuation of it. Sets of problems are assigned at intervals between two to four weeks. The students will then be asked to select a specific topic during the course to further study independently, and give a presentation at the end of the course. The final few lectures will be devoted to such presentations.

Spring 2015

Math 4800 - Introduction to Tropical Geometry
Instructor: Tommaso de Fernex

Fall 2013

Math 4800 - Inquiry into Mathematics
Instructor: Steffen Marcus