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As of Fall 2013 this webpage is no longer being updated. For up to date information on our REU program, please visit this link.

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program at the Department of Mathematics supports active research participation by undergraduate students in mathematical areas of research.

At present, there are four models for participating in the REU program: independent projects, introduction to research projects, summer group programs, and MATH 4800.

Independent projects usually involve a faculty mentor working with an undergraduate on a specific topic or problem. Formal calls for applications will be made at the beginning of each semester. Throughout the semester the student and mentor work together, usually meeting once a week to discuss the topic, find relevant journal articles, or to work on specific problems. At the end of the semester, the REU student produces a final report detailing their research findings.
Applications for Summer 2013 support are due May 20 2013.

Introduction to research projects also involve a faculty mentor working with an undergraduate, and the focus is on exploring an area of mathematics not usually taught in standard classes. Mentor and advisor meet weekly throughout the semester to discuss topics from relevant text or journal article readings. These projects may sometimes be appropriate as preludes to independent projects, in cases where the ultimate research area requires a lot of prerequisite knowledge. At the end of the semester, the REU student produces a final expository paper on aspects of their research.
Applications for Summer 2013 support are due May 20 2013.

The Spring 2013 Mathematics REU Symposium is April 26 and 29 2-4pm.

MATH 4800 introduces the research experience in a more familiar course setting. Led by a faculty member, students explore a topic of significasnt mathematical interest, or an application of mathematics to a significant problem in science, engineering, or business. Students help to present the material or the results of their own investigations, and write a report on their findings. Prerequesites vary depending on the topic, and course admission is given by the instructor.
Math 4800 for Fall 2013 is Inquiry Into Mathematics (Instructor: Steffen Marcus).

The REUs are intended to venture outside of the foundational material that makes up the average undergraduate's mathematical education. It is wise for a student intending to start an REU to have completed at least Calculus III. Consulting with faculty members can help a student determine the appropriate courses needed to start on a specific topic.

Contact the REU Director with questions:
Fernando Guevara Vasquez
Office: LCB 212
Phone: 801 581 7467