VIGRE2 Vertical Intergration of Research and Education Department of Mathematics, University of Utah

Potential Mentors








The following mathematics faculty are interested in becoming REU mentors. Browse their webpages to learn about their fields of study. Contact them to discuss your REU project proposal. They can also assist in narrowing down a research topic.

Fred Adler: Mathematical epidemiology, immunology and ecology

Sasha Balk: Applied Mathematics

Alla Borisyuk: Mathematical Biology, Neuroscience

Christopher Cashen: Geometry, Topology, Geometric Group Theory

Andrej Cherkaev: Optimization, Calculus of Variations

Elena Cherkaev: Applied Mathematics

David Dobson: Applied Mathematics

Yekaterina Epshteyn: Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Numerical Analysis

Stewart Ethier: Games of Chance, Prerequisite: ability to write a computer program.

Fernando Guevara Vasquez: Applied Mathematics, Inverse Problems

Davar Khoshnevisan: Probability & Statistics

Nick Korevaar: Differential Geometry

Y. P. Lee: Algebraic Geometry, Mathematical Physics

Wieslawa Niziol: Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry, & Discrete Math

Klaus Schmitt: Fractal Geometry, PDEs; Prerequesites: students have at least started the Calculus sequence

Domingo Toledo: Hyperbolic Geometry

Peter Trapa: Representation Theory, Discrete Math

Andrejs Treibergs: Differential Geometry, Geometric Analysis, or related areas (Graphics, Relativity, PDE) Prerequesites: MATH 4530, 3220, 2280, 4540, & MAPLE experience

Kevin Wortman: Topology

Jingyi Zhu: Applied Math & Math Finance

The following graduate students and instructors have expressed interest in co-mentoring REU projects in conjunction with a regular faculty member or postdoc. Again, contact them to discuss your REU project proposal.

Julian Chan: Abstract Albegra

Geoffrey Hunter: Mathematical Physiology, Markov Models, Cardiology