This is a list of faculty available as thesis advisors for graduate students. For a more detailed list of Math Department personnel, consult our graduate bulletin.

Distinguished Professors

Keener, James P.
California Institute of Technology, 1972. Applied Mathematics
  • Stochastic calcium oscillations, Math. Med. Biol., 23(1), 1-25, March (2006).
  • A model for length control of flagellar hooks of Salmonella typhimurium, J. Theor. Biol., 234(2), 263-275, May (2005).
  • The topology of defibrillation, J. Theor. Biol., 230(4), 459-473, October (2004).
Milton, Graeme
Cornell University, 1991. Applied Mathematics
  • (with N.A. Nicorovici), On the cloaking effects associated with anomalous localized resonance, Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond., to appear (2006).
  • (with V.A. Podolskiy and N.A. Kuhta), Optimizing the superlens: Manipulating geometry to enhance the resolution, Appl. Phys. Lett., 87, 231113 (2005).
  • (with N.A. Nicorovici, R.C. McPhedran, and V.A. Podolskiy), A proof of superlensing in the quasistatic regime, and limitations of superlenses in this regime due to anomalous localized resonance, Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond., 461, 3999-4034 (2005).


Adler, Frederick R.
Cornell University, 1991. Mathematical Ecology
  • (with B. O'Fallon), Stochasticity, complex spatial structure, and the feasibility of the shifting balance theory, Evolution, in press (2006).
  • (with W.J. Koppelman), Do rhinoviruses follow the neutral theory? The role of cross-immunity in maintaining the diversity of the common cold, Disease evolution: Models, concepts, and data analyses, AMS, in press (2006).
  • (with K. Chase, D.R. Carrier, E.A. Ostrander, and K.G. Lark) Interaction between the X chromosome and an autosome regulates size sexual dimorphism in Portuguese Water Dogs, Genome Research, 15, 1820-1824 (2005).
Alfeld, Peter W.
University of Dundee, 1977. Approximation Theory
  • (with L. Schumaker), A trivariate double-Clough-Tocher macro-element, Nashboro Press (Brentwood), 1-14 (2005).
  • (with L. Schumaker), A C2 trivariate macro-element based on the Worsey-Farin split of a tetrahedron, SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, 43(4), 1750-1756 (2005).
  • (with L. Schumaker), A C2 trivariate macro-element based on the Clough-Tocher split of a tetrahedron, CAGD Journal, 22, 710-721 (2005).
Balk, Alexander M.
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 1988. Nonlinear Phenomena
  • Angular distribution of Rossby wave energy, Phys. Lett. A, submitted (2005).
  • On the turbulent diffusion by waves, J. Fluid Mech., submitted (2005).
  • (with G. Falkovich and M. Stepanov), Growth of density inhomogeneities in a flow of wave turbulence, Phys. Rev. Lett., 92(244504-(1-4)) (2004).
Bertram, Aaron
University of California at Los Angeles, 1989. Algebraic Geometry
  • (with H. Kley), New recursions for genus-zero Gromov-Witten invariants, Topology, 44, 1-24 (2005).
  • (with I. Ciocan-Fontanine and B. Kim), Two proofs of a conjecture of Hori and Vafa, Duke Math J., 126, 101-136 (2005).
  • Using symmetry to count rational curves, Contemporary Math., 312, 87-99 (2002).
Bestvina, Mladen
University of Tennessee, 1984. Topology
  • (with M. Feighn and M. Handel), The Tits alternative for Out(Fn). II. A Kolchin type theorem, Ann. of Math., 161(1), 1-59 (2005).
  • (with M. Feighn and M. Handel), Solvable subgroups of Out(Fn) are virtually Abelian, Geom. Dedicata, 104, 71-96 (2004).
  • The topology of Out(Fn), Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians, Vol. II (Higher Ed. Press), 373-384, Beijing (2002).
Bressloff, Paul C.
Kings College, University of London, 1988. Mathematical Biology
  • (with A.M. Oster), A developmental model of ocular dominance formation on a growing cortex, Bull. Math Biol., 68(1), April (2006).
  • (with L. Schwabe, A. Angelucci, and K. Obermayer), The role of feedback in shaping the extra-classical receptive field of cortical neurons: A recurrent network model, Neuron., submitted (2006).
  • (with A. Angelucci), The contribution of feedforward, lateral and feedback connections to the classical receptive field center and extra-classical receptive field surround of primate V1 neurons, Prog. Brain Res., submitted (2006).
Brooks, Robert M.
Louisiana State University, 1963. Topological Algebras
  • Analytic structure in the spectra of certain uF-algebras, Math. Annalen, 240, 27-33 (1979).
  • On the spectrum of an inverse limit of holomorphic function algebras, Adv. in Math., 19, 238-244 (1976).
  • Analytic structure in the spectrum of a natural system, Pac. J. Math., 49, 315-334 (1973).
Cherkaev, Andrej V.
Leningrad Polytechnical Inst., 1979. Optimal Design and Applications
  • (with E. Panytin), Waiting links: Theory and experiment., J. Plasticity, submitted (2006).
  • (with L. Slepyan and E. Cherkaev), Transition waves in bistable structures II: Analytical solution, wave speed, and energy dissipation, J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 53(2), 407-436 (2005).
  • (with E. Cherkaev and L. Slepyan), Transition waves in bistable structures I: Delocalization of damage, J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 53(2), 383-405 (2005).
Cherkaev, Elena
Leningrad University, 1988. Applied Mathematics
  • (with C. Bonifasi-Lista), Identification of bone structure from effective measurements, in III European Conference on Computational Mechanics, Solids, Structures (C.A. Mota Soares et al., Ed.), Springer Science (2006).
  • (with A. Cherkaev and L. Slepyan), Dynamics of structures with bistable links, in The Seventh International Conference on Vibration Problems, Proceedings (Esin Inan, Ed.), Springer (2005).
  • (with C. Bonifasi-Lista), Identification of bone structure from effective complex modulus, in The Seventh International Conference on Vibration Problems, Proceedings (Esin Inan, Ed.), Springer (2005).
Dobson, David C.
Rice University, 1990. Applied Mathematics
  • Optimal mode coupling in simple planar waveguides, in IUTAM Symposium on Topological Design Optimization of Structures, Machines and Materials: Status and Perspectives (M. Bendsoe, N. Olhoff, and O. Sigmund, Ed.), Solid Mechanics and Its Applications, Vol. 137 (2006).
  • (with F. Santosa), Optimal localization of eigenfunctions in an inhomogeneous medium, SIAM J. Appl. Math., 64(3), 762-774, June (2004).
  • (with G. Bao and K. Ramdani), A constraint on the maximum reflectance of rapidly oscillating dielectric gratings, SIAM J. Cont. Opt., 40(6), 1858-1866, November (2002).
Ethier, Stewart N.
University of Wisconsin, 1975. Applied Probability
  • (with D. Levin), On the fundamental theorem of card counting with application to the game of trente et quarante, Advances in Applied Probability, 37(1), 90-107 (2005).
  • The Kelly system maximized median fortune., J. Applied Probability, 41, 1230-1236 (2004).
  • (with S. Wang), A generalized likelihood ratio test to identify differentially expressed genes from microarray data, Bioinformatics, 20, 100-104 (2004).
Fogelson, Aaron L.
New York University, 1982. Computational Fluids, Mathematical Physiology
  • (with N. Tania), Coagulation under flow: The influence of flow-mediated transport on the initiation and inhibition of coagulation, Pathophys. Haemostatis and Thrombosis, 34, 91-108 (2005).
  • (with R. Guy), Stability of approximate projection methods on cell-centered grids, J. Comp. Phys., 203, 517-538 (2005).
  • (with R. Guy), Platelet-wall interactions in continuum models of platelet thrombosis: Formulation and numerical solution, Math. Medicine and Biology, 21, 293-334 (2004).
Folias, Efthymios S.
California Institute of Technology, 1963. Applied Mathematics
  • The stress field in a [0° /90°] laminated composite plate containing a finite line crack, Int. J. of Fracture, 114, 203-224 (2002).
  • (with M. Hohn), Predicting crach initiation in composite material systems due to a thermal expansion mismatch, Intnl. J. Fracture, 93(1/4), 335-349 (1999).
  • (with L. Perry), Fast fracture of a threaded pressurized vessel, Intnl. J. Pressure Vessels & Piping, 76(10), 685-692 (1999).
Golden, Kenneth
New York University, 1984. Applied Mathematics
  • (with A. Heaton, H. Eicken and V. Lytle), Void bounds for fluid transport properties of sea ice, Mechanics of Materials, submitted (20xx).
  • Critical behavior of transport in sea ice, Physica B, 338, 274-283 (2003).
  • Brine percolation and the transport properties of sea ice, Annals of Glaciology, 33, 28-36 (2001).
Gustafson, Grant G.
Arizona State University, 1968. Ordinary Differential Equations
  • The inverse carrier problem, Czechoslovak Math J., 52(127), 439-446 (2002).
  • Three papers of C. de la Vallée Poussin's on linear boundary value problems, in Charles-Jean de la Valleée Poussin collected works, Vol. II, Academie Royale De Belgique, 315-335 (2001).
  • Involution and iterates of central dispersions, Acta Univ. Pal. O/OM, F. R. N., 114, 29-37 (1994).
Hacon, Christopher D.
University of California at Los Angeles, 1998. Algebraic Geometry
  • (with R. Pardini), Birational characterization of products of curves of genus 2, Math. Research Letters, 12(1), (2005).
  • On the degree of the canonical maps of 3-folds, Proc. Japan Acad. Ser. A Math Sci., 80(8), 166-167 (2004).
  • (with J.A. Chen), Varieties with P3 = 4 and q(X), Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Classe di Scienze, V(III), 2 (2004).
Hecht, Henryk
Columbia University, 1974. Lie Groups
  • (with W. Casselman and D. Milicic), Bruhat filtrations and Whittaker vectors for real groups, Proc. of Symp. in Pure Math., 68, 151-190 (2000).
  • On Casselman's compatibility theorem for n-homology, in Reductive Lie Groups, Proceedings of Cordoba Conference, Birkhäuser (1997).
  • (with J. L. Taylor), A comparison Theorem for n-homology, Compositio Mathematica, 86, 189-207 (1993).
Horvàth Lajos
Szeged University, 1982. Probability, Statistics
  • (with A. Aue and J. Steinebach), Estimation in random coefficient autoregression models, J. Time Series Anal., 27, 61-76 (2006).
  • (with I. Berkes, P. Kokoszka, and Qi-Man Shao), Almost sure convergence of the Bartlett estimator, Periodica Math. Hung., 31 11-25 (2005).
  • (with I. Berkes and P. Kokoszka), Near integrated GARCH sequences, Annal. Applied Probab., 15, 890-913 (2005).
Khoshnevisan, Davar
University of California, Berkeley, 1989. Probability Theory and Math Statistics
  • (with Y. Xiao and Y. Zhang), Measuring the range of an additive Lévy process, Annals of Prob., 31(2), 1097-1141 (2003).
  • D. Khoshnevisan, Multiparameter Processes: An Introduction to Random Fields, Springer (2002) [ISBN 0-387-95459-7, 978-0-387-95459-2].
  • Brownian sheet images and Bessel-Riesz capacity, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., 351(7), 2607-2622 (1999).
Korevaar, Nicholas J.
Stanford University, 1981. Diff. Geometry and Partial Differential Equations
  • (with R. Mazzco, F. Pacard, and R.M. Schoen), Refined asymptotics for constant scalar curvature metrics with isolated singularities, Invent. Math., 135, 233-272 (1999).
  • (with R.M. Schoen), Harmonic maps to non-locally compact spaces, Comm. Anal. Geom., 5(2), 333-387 (1997).
  • (with R. Kusner), The global structure of constant mean curvature surfaces, Invent. Math., 114, 311-332 (1993).
Milicic, Dragan
University of Zagreb, 1973. Lie Groups
  • (with W. Casselman and H. Hecht), Bruhat filtrations and Whittaker vectors for real groups, in The Mathematical Legacy of Harish-Chandra: A Celebration of Representation Theory and Harmonic Analysis, Am. Math. Soc., 151-190 (2000).
  • (with P. Pandzic), On degeneration of the spectral sequence for the composition of Zuckerman functors, Glasnik Matematicki, 32(52), 179-199 (1997)..
  • (with W. Soergel), The composition series of modules induced from Whittaker modules, Comment. Math. Helv., 72, 503-520 (1997).
Roberts, Paul C.
McGill University, 1974. Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry
  • (with V. Srinivas), Modules of finite length and finite projective dimension, Inventiones Mathematicae, 151(1), 1-27 (2003).
  • Intersection multiplicities and dimension inequalities, Algebra, Arithmetic and Geometry, Part I, II (Mumbai, 2000), 16, 535-555 (2002).
  • (with K. Kurano), The positivity of intersection multiplicities and symbolic powers of prime ideals, Compositio Mathematica, 122, 165-182 (2000).
Savin, Gordan
Harvard University, 1988. Automorphic Forms
  • Rank and matrix coefficients for simply laced groups, Crelles J., to appear (2006).
  • (with W.T. Gan), On minimal representations definitions and properties, Represent. Theory, 9, 46-93 (2005).
  • (with W.T. Gan), Uniqueness of Joseph ideal, Math. Res. Lett., 11(5-6), 589-597 (2004).
Schmitt, Klaus
University of Nebraska, 1967. Nonlinear Analysis, Differential Equations
  • (with E. Koizumi), Ambroseti-Prodi-type problems for quasilinear elliptic equations, Diff. Int. Eqs., 18(3), 241-262 (2005).
  • (with D. Hartenstine), On generalized and viscosity solutions of nonlinear elliptic equations, Advanced Nonlinear Studies, 4(3), 289-306 (2004).
  • (with J. Jacobsen), Radical solutions of quasilinear elliptic equations, in Handbook on Differential Equations, Vol. I, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 359-435 (2004).
Smale, Nathan
University of California, Berkeley, 1987. Differential Geometry
  • (with J. Jacobsen), The Liouville-Bratu-Gelfand problem for radical operators, J. Differential Equations, 4, 283-298 (2002).
  • (with M. Poppenberg and Z.Q. Wang), On the existence of soliton solutions of quasilinear Schrödinger equations, Calc. Var. PDE, 14, 329-344 (2002).
  • Singular homologically area minimizing surfaces of codimension one in Riemannian manifolds, Invent. Math., 135, 145-183 (1999).
    Taylor, Joseph L.
    Louisiana State University, 1964. Group Representations
    • Joseph L. Taylor, Several complex variables with connections to algebraic geometry and Lie groups, American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI, AMS Graduate Studies in Math, 46 (2005) [ISBN 0-8218-3178-X, 978-0-8218-3178-6].
    • (with L. Smithies), An analytic Riemann-Hilbert correspondence, J. Representation Theory, 4, 466-473 (2000).
    • (with H. Hecht), Geometry and representation theory of real and p-adic Lie groups, in Progress in Mathematics, Vol. 158, (J. Tirao, D. Vogan, and J.A. Wolfe, Ed.), Birkhäuser, Boston (1997).
    Toledo, Domingo
    Cornell University, 1972. Algebraic Geometry, Differential Geometry
    • (with J. Carlson), Generic integral manifolds for weight two period domains, Trans. Am. Math. Soc., 356, 2241-2249 (2004).
    • (with D. Allcock and J. Carlson), Real cubic surfaces and real hyperbolic geometry, C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris, Ser. I, 337, 185-188 (2003).
    • Maps between complex hyperbolic surfaces, Geom. Dedicata, 97, 115-128 (2003).
    Treibergs, Andrejs E.
    Stanford University, 1980. Differential Geometry
    • (with J. Ratzkin), A capture problem in Brownian motion and eigenvalues of spherical domains, preprint (2005).
    • (with J. Zang, Y. Han, and F. Liu), Geometric constant defining shape transitions of carbon nanotubes under pressure, Physical Review Letters, 92(105501), 1-4 (2004).
    • (with H. Chan), Nonpositively curved surfaces in R3, J. Diff. Geom., 57, 389-407 (2001).
    Trombi, Peter C.
    University of Illinois, 1970. Lie Groups
    • Uniform asymptotics for real reductive Lie groups, Pacific J. Math., 146, 131-199 (1990).
    • Invariant harmonic analysis on split rank one groups with applications, Pacific J. Math., 100, 80-103 (1982).
    • Harmonic analysis of cP (G:H) (1≤ p <2), J. Funct. Anal., 40, 84-125 (1981).
    Tucker, Don H.
    University of Texas, 1958. Differential Equations, Functional Analysis
    • (with R. Baty), Cesaro-One summability and uniform convergence of solutions of a Sturm-Liouville system, Vietnam J. Math,, 32 Special Issue (2004).
    • (with J. F. Gold), A new vector product, in Proceedings of The 10th National Conference on Undergraduate Research (1996).
    • (with Dang Thi Minh Ha), Concerning differential type pperators: A preliminary report, in Proceedings, International Conference on Analysis and Mechanics of Continuous Media, Ho Chi Minh City, 27-29 December, 1995 (1995).

    Associate Professors

    Bromberg, Kenneth
    University of California, Berkeley, 1998. Topology
    • (with J.F. Brock), On the density of geometrically finite Kleinian groups, Acta Math., 192(1), 33-93 (2004).
    • (with J.F. Brock), Kleinian groups and hyperbolic 3-manifolds, London Math. Soc. Lecture Note Ser., 299, 75-93 (2003).
    • (with J.F. Brock, R. Evans, and J. Souto), Tameness on the boundary and Ahlfors' measure conjecture, Publ. Math. Inst. Hautes Études Sci., 98, 145-166 (2003).
    Lee, Yuan-Pin
    University of California, Berkeley, 1999. Algebraic Geomerty, Sympletic Topology, Mathematical Physics
    • (with R. Pandharipande), A reconstruction theorem in quantum cohomology and quantum K-theory, Amer. J. Math., 126(6), 1367-1379 (2004).
    • Quantum K-theory I: Foundations, Duke Math. J., 121(3), 389-424 (2004).
    • (with A. Givenital), Quantum K-theory on flag manifolds, finite difference Toda lattices and quantum groups, Invent. Math., 151, 193-219 (2003).
    Niziol, Wieslawa
    Princeton University, 1991. Algebraic Geometry
    • K-theories of log-schemes, preprint (2006).
    • On uniqueness of p-adic period morphisms, preprint (2006).
    • p-adic motivic cohomology and arithmetic, in Proceedings of ICM 2006, Madrid, to appear (2006).
      Singh, Anurag
      University of Michigan, 1998. Commutative Algebra
      • (with U. Walther), On the arithmetic rank of certain Segre products, Contemporary Math., to appear (20xx).
      • The F-signature of an affine semigroup ring, J. Pure Appl. Algebra, 196(2-3), 13-321 (2005).
      • (with I. Swanson), Associated primes of local cohomology modules and of Frobenius powers, Int. Math. Research Notices, 33, 1703-1733 (2004).
      Trapa, Peter
      Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1998. Applied Mathematics
      • (with J. Adams, D. Barbasch, A. Paul, and D. Vogan), Shimura correspondence for split real groups, J. AMS, to appear (2006).
      • Leading term cycles of Harish-Chandra modules and partial orders on components of the Springer fiber, Compositio Mathematica, to appear (2006).
      • (with D. Renard), Kazhdan-Lusztig algorithms for nonlinear Lie groups and applications to Kazhdan-Patterson lifting, Am. J. Math., 127, 911-971 (2005).
      Zhu, Jingyi
      New York University, 1989. Computational Fluid Dynamics
      • Jump diffusion in distance-to-default process: A partial integro-differential equation formulation, preprint (2006).
      • (with M. Avellaneda), Modeling the distance-to-default process of a firm, Risk, 14(12), 125-129 (2001).
      • A numerical study of chemical front propagation in a Hele-Shaw flow under buoyancy effects, Physics of Fluids, 10(4), 775-788 (1998).

      Assistant Professors

      Borisyuk, Alla
      New York University, 2002. Mathematical Biology, Applied Mathematics
      • Physiology and mathematical modeling of the auditory system, in Tutorials in Mathematical Biosciences I. Mathematical Neurosciences, Springer, Berlin/Heidelberg/New York (2005).
      • (with B.H. Smith), Odor interactions and learning in a model of the insect antennal lobe, Computational Neuroscience, 58-60, 1041-1047 (2004).
      • (with J. Rinzel), Understanding neuronal dynamics by geometrical dissection of minimal models, in Methods and Models in Neurophysics, Les Houches Summer School, Session LXXX (C. Chow, B. Gutkin, D. Hansel, and C. Meunier, Ed.), Elsevier (2004).
      de Fernex, Tommaso
      University of Illinois - Chicago, 2002. Algebraic Geometry
      • On planar Cremona maps of prime order, Nagoya Math. Journal, 174, 1-28 (2004).
      • (with L. Ein and M. Mustata), Multiplicities and log canonical threshold, Journal Algebraic Geometry, 13, 603-615 (2004).
      • (with L. Ein and M. Mustata), Bounds on log canonical thresholds with application to birational rigidity, Math. Res. Lett., 10, 219-236 (2003).
      Rassoul-Agha, Firas
      New York University, 2003. Probability Theory
      • (with T. Sepp'al'ainen), Ballistic random walk in random environment with a forbidden direction, ALEA, to appear (2006).
      • (with M. Balázs and T. Sepp'al'ainen), The random average process and random walk in a space-time random environment in one dimension, Commun. Math. Phys., to appear (2006).
      • (with P. March, S. Lee, S. McKinley, W. Xiong, and D.C. Trost), The mathematical structure of clinical trials, in preparation (2006).
      Tanner, Jared
      University of California at Los Angeles, 2002. Numerical Analysis
      • (with T. Strohmer), Fast reconstruction methods for bandlimited functions from periodic nonuniform sampling, SIAM J. on Numerical Analysis, submitted (20xx).
      • Optimal filter and mollifier for piecewise smooth spectral data, Mathematics of Computation, submitted (20xx).
      • (with E. Tadmor), Adaptive filters for piecewise smooth spectral data, IMA J. Numerical Analysis, submitted (20xx).

      Adjunct Associate Professors

      Eyre, David
      University of Utah, 1992. Applied Mathematics
      • (with G. W. Milton), A fast numerical scheme for computing the response of composites using grid refinement, European Phys. J. Applied Physics, 6, 41-47 (1999).
      • (with D. Grunbaum and A.F. Fogelson), Functional geometry of ciliated tentacular arrays in active suspension feeders, Journal of Exp. Biology, 201(18), 2575-2589 (1998).
      • (with G. W. Milton and J. V. Mantese), Finite frequency range Kramers Kronig relations: Bounds on the dispersion, Physical Review Letters, 79(16), 3062-3065 (1997).

      Assistant Professor - Lecturers

      Bayer, Arend, Bonn University, 2006. Algebraic Geometry

      Behrstock, Jason, SUNY Stonybrook, 2004. Geometric Group Theory

      Chaudhary, Suneal Kumar, University of California at Los Angeles, 2004. Mathematical Finance

      Dao, Hailong, University of Michigan, 2006. Commutative Rings and Algebras

      George, David, University of Washington, 2006. Numerical Analysis

      Klosin, Krzysztof, University of Michigan, 2006. Number Theory

      Margalit, Dan, University of Chicago, 2003. Topology

      Miller, Laura, New York University, 2004. Mathematical Biology

      Montgomery, Kim, Northwestern University, 2004. Mathematical Biology

      Roper, Peter, Loughborough University, 2006. Mathematical Biology

      van Heerden, François, Utah State University, 2004. PDE

      van Opstall, Michael, University of Washington, 2004. Algebraic Geometry

      Veliche, Oana, Purdue University, 2004. Commutative Algebra

      Wright, Grady, University of Colorado, Boulder, 2003. Numerical Analysis

      Research Professors

      Beebe, Nelson
      University of Florida (Gainesville), 1972. Quantum Chemistry
      • Arnold Robbins and Nelson H.F. Beebe, Classic Shell Scripting, O'Reilly Media, Inc. (2005) [ISBN 0-596-00595-4, 978-0-596-00595-5].
      • Keynote Address: The design of TEX and METAFONT: A retrospective, TUGboat, 26(1), 501-519, (2005).
      • A Bibliographer's Toolbox, TUGboat, 25(1), 89-104 (2004).
      Horn, Roger
      Stanford University, 1967. Matrix Analysis
      • (with V. Sergeichuk), A regularizing algorithm for matrices of bilinear and sesquilinear forms, Linear Algebra Appl., 412, 153-156 (2006).
      • (with V. Sergeichuk and N. Shaked-Monderer), Solution of linear matrix equations in a *Congruence class, Electron. J. Linear Algebra, 13, 153-156 (2005).
      • (with F. Zhang), Basic properties of the Schur complement, in Schur Complement and its Applications (Fuzhen Zhang, Ed.), Springer, 17-46 (2004)

      Research Associate Professors

      Palais, Robert
      University of California, Berkeley, 1986. Applied Mathematics
      • (with M.A. Liew and C.T. Wittwer), Quantitative heteroduplex analysis for single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping, Anal. Biochem, 346(1), 167-175, Nov. 1 (2005).
      • (with L. Zhou, L.Wang, R. Pryor, and C.T. Wittwer), High-resolution DNA melting analysis for simultaneous mutation scanning and genotyping in solution, Clin. Chem., 51(10), 1770-1777, October (2005).
      • (with L. Zhou, J. Vandersteen, L.Wang, T. Fuller, M. Taylor, and C.T. Wittwer), High-resolution DNA melting curve analysis to establish HLA genotypic identity, Tissue Antigens, 64(2), 156, August (2004).

      Professors Emeriti

      Carlson, James A., Princeton University, 1971. Algebraic Geometry

      Coles, William J., Duke University, 1954. Ordinary Differential Equations

      Fife, Paul C., New York University, 1959. Applied Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations

      Gersten, Stephen M., Cambridge University, England, 1965. Group Theory

      Glaser, L. C., University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1964. Geometric Topology

      Gross, Fletcher I., California Institute of Technology, 1964. Group Theory

      Mason, J. David, University of California, Riverside, 1968. Probability

      Roberts, Anne D., McGill University, 1972. Analysis

      Rossi, Hugo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1960. Complex Analysis

      Wolfe, J.H., Harvard University, 1948. Geometric Integration Theory