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Distinguished Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of Utah
155 S 1400 E RM 233
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

Office: JWB 310
Office hours and Schedule
Office phone: (801)581-6495
Phone messages: (801)581-6851
Fax: (801)581-4148


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New book with four chapters coauthored with M.Cassier, O.Mattei, M. Milgrom, and A.Welters

Extending the Theory of Composites to Other Areas of Science

Only $80! Available here: Extending the Theory of Composites to Other Areas of Science

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Our work on ideal climbing ropes (also available on ArXiv ) made it to the front cover of climbing magazine . Direct link here . A once in a lifetime achievement!

See also the news release of Lee Siegel

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See the news release by Paul Gabrielsen describing our work on analytic materials, New math tools for new materials , and the accompanying paper also available on ArXiv

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See below some of the many articles related to our work on cloaking. It could be that our 2006 paper On the cloaking effects associated with anomalous localized resonance (submitted in October 2005) was the first to introduce the word "cloaking" into the scientific literature, outside computer science. With 12,815 downloads our paper Quasistatic cloaking of two-dimensional polarizable discrete systems by anomalous resonance was the most downloaded paper in 2007 amongst all 12 journals of the Optical Society of America.

  • 'Cloaking device' idea proposed.
  • Now you see it, now you don't: cloaking device is not just sci-fi
  • Close encounters of the cloaking kind: now you see it, now you don't
  • Scientists working to make objects invisible.
  • Scientists set sights on invisibility cloaks.
  • Mathematics of a Novel Type of Active Cloaking.
  • Cloaking Device Concept Moves Beyond Theory.
  • Cloaking Technology May Protect From Natural Disasters.
  • A New Cloaking Method: This is not a 'Star Trek' or 'Harry Potter' Story (w/ Video).
  • New Cloaking Method.
  • Hidden from view.
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    See the articles below related to pentamode materials a new type of material that we devised in the 1995 paper Which Elasticity Tensors are Realizable? also available here

  • NKIT Researchers Succeed in Realizing a New Material Class
  • New material class developed: Pentamode metamaterial
  • Elastic Cloaking Material Makes Objects "Unfeelable"
  • This New Material Makes Things 'Invisible' To Touch!
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    Vita updated in September 2016

    40 Most Significant Papers

    Summary of Some Major Accomplishments

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    Translation, thanks to my Russian friends, of Dolin's 1961 Paper, that marks the birth of Transformation Optics

    To the possibility of comparison of three-dimensional electromagnetic systems with nonuniform anisotropic filling

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