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Bob Palais


Research Professor of Mathematics (7/2022- )
Department of Mathematics
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

Office Hours: By appointment
Office phone: 801/581-4738
Email: palais at math dot utah dot edu

Curriculum Vita: ( .pdf)

Google Scholar Page

Recent Publications:

DNA Diagnostics: Wittwer Lab & Center for Homogeneous DNA Analysis

Pub Med Results

Mathematical algorithms for high-resolution DNA melting analysis (Methods in Enzymology)

Quantitative heteroduplex analysis (editorial)

Quantitative heteroduplex analysis for SNP genotyping

Involvement of multiple signalling pathways in follicular lymphoma transformation...

Mathematics: ( Scientific Computing, Graphics, Geometry, Topology )

A Missing Piece ( Early Elementary Rotations, Notices of the AMS, Feb. 2014, Doceamus )

Differential Equations, Mechanics, and Computation ( AMS/IAS book with Richard Palais )

A Disorienting Look at Euler's Theorem on the Axis of a Rotation ( Am. Math. Monthly )

Patents and Mathematics ( Letter to the Editor, Notices of the AMS )

Euler's Fixed Point Theorem: The Axis of a Rotation ( JFPTA )

The Natural Sine and Cosine Curves which appeared in J Online Math and Applications

Pi is Wrong! which appeared in The Mathematical Intelligencer

A Meditation on Mathematics

Recent Teaching:

Math 1210-90 (Calculus I Online)

Math 1220-90 (Calculus II Online)

Math 2210-90 (Calculus III Online)

Math 6790 (The Math of DNA)

MST 500 (Undergraduate Math Refresher, Master's in Science and Technology Program)

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