Computational Theory of Real Reductive Groups
A workshop, July 20-24, 2009, at the University of Utah





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Workshop Schedule (7/20-7/24)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:30 D. Vogan 1 D. Vogan 3 D. Vogan 4 F. Shahidi 1 F. Shahidi 2
11:00 P. Trapa 1 P. Trapa 2 P. Trapa 3 P. Trapa 4 P. Trapa 5
1:30 J. Adams 1 J. Adams 3 J. Adams 4 F. Shahidi 3
3:00 D. Vogan 2 E. Sommers 1 E. Sommers 2 D. Vogan 5
4:30 J. Adams 2 J. Stembridge 1 J. Stembridge 2 J. Adams 5

Jeffrey Adams, University of Maryland (5)Computing the structure and representations of reductive groups
Notes for Adams' lectures
Freydoon Shahidi, Purdue University (3):   Automorphic forms and representation theory
Eric Sommers, University of Massachusetts at Amherst (2):   Geometry of nilpotent orbits
Notes for Sommers' lectures
John Stembridge, University of Michigan (2):   Combinatorics of W-graphs
Slides for Stembridge's lectures
Peter Trapa, University of Utah (5):   Symmetric subgroups and geometry of flag varieties
Notes for Trapa's lectures
These were updated on July 20th. The original version contained a number of mistakes around the old Exercise 1.5 (corrected in the new Proposition 1.2). Typos were fixed on July 22nd.
David Vogan, MIT (5):   Infinite-dimensional representations of real reductive groups
Notes for Vogan's lectures
All lectures, Monday through Thursday, will be in the Warnock Engineer Building (WEB), room 103. Because of a local holiday (Pioneer Day), Friday's lectures will be in the John Widtsoe Building (JWB), room 335. The on-campus shuttle has stops very close to each building (but unfortunately it will not run on the 24th).