Notes I've written down:

  • Notes on cubical hyperresolutions    Some (incomplete) notes on cubical hyperresolutions I wrote down for a seminar Micrea Mustaţă ran in Fall 2008 - Winter 2009. Parts of this also became part of a survey paper I wrote with Sandor Kovacs on Du Bois singularities. It closely follows parts of the first chapter of [GNPP].
  • Generalized divisors and reflexive sheaves on normal varieties    These are some notes I wrote for a class I taught on "Introduction to schemes and cohomology". These are largely based on several papers of Hartshorne on the same topic (although he did it in greater generality, that is, without the normality hypothesis).
  • Examples of odd behavior with seminormality    This is just a small document which brings together counter-examples to easily believed (but false) questions about seminormality. The examples included are not original, I just put them all in one place (half for my own convenience).
  • A characterization of finitely generated modules     This was my undergraduate thesis which I did at Whitman College. It gives an algorithm for expressing finitely generated modules over a Euclidean domain as a sum of cyclic modules. It then gives some somewhat standard results.

    At one point in my life, I solved all the problems in Hartshorne's algebraic geometry (except for the problems in the appendix). I typed up a few of the solutions so I may post some of them here eventually.